Wavelet Galerkin methods for elastic multibody systems with unilateral contact constraints

University dissertation from Numerical Analysis

Abstract: In this thesis we investigate the applicability of wavelets to simulate the time behavior of elastic multibody systems (MBS) with contact constraints. For this end, a wavelet element method (WEM) was implemented, exploiting the special structure of the coupled ODE/PDE equations that govern elastic MBS. Special care has to be taken to adapt the method to the particular geometry of the elastic bodies. The use of WEM as an alternative to finite elements is discussed, focusing on the particular aspects of system reduction and adaptive handling of contact problems, where we see its strengths. This WEM/FEM space semidiscretisation is integrated in time using modified versions of DASSL and ODASSL. A simplified model of a rolling bearing is taken as test case of a typical industrial application.

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