Selected Topics in Partial Differential Equations

University dissertation from Uppsala : Department of Mathematics

Abstract: This Ph.D. thesis consists of five papers and an introduction to the main topics of the thesis. In Paper I we give an abstract criteria for existence of multiple solutions to nonlinear coupled equations involving magnetic Schrödinger operators. In paper II we establish existence of infinitely many solutions to the quasirelativistic Hartree-Fock equations for Coulomb systems along with properties of the solutions. In Paper III we establish existence of a ground state to the magnetic Hartree-Fock equations. In Paper IV we study the Choquard equation with general potentials (including quasirelativistic and magnetic versions of the equation) and establish existence of multiple solutions. In Paper V we prove that, under some assumptions on its nonmagnetic counterpart, a magnetic Schrödinger operator admits a representation with a positive Lagrange density and we derive consequences of this property.

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