Free Boundary Problems of Obstacle Type, a Numerical and Theoretical Study

University dissertation from Uppsala : Department of Mathematics

Abstract: This thesis consists of five papers and it mainly addresses the theory and schemes to approximate the quadrature domains, QDs. The first deals with the uniqueness and some qualitative properties of the two QDs. The concept of two phase QDs, is more complicated than its one counterpart and consequently introduces significant and interesting open.We present two numerical schemes to approach the one phase QDs in the paper. The first method is based on the properties of the free boundary the level set techniques. We use shape optimization analysis to construct second method. We illustrate the efficiency of the schemes on a variety of experiments.In the third paper we design two finite difference methods for the approximation of the multi phase QDs. We prove that the second method enjoys monotonicity, consistency and stability and consequently it is a convergent scheme by Barles-Souganidis theorem. We also present various numerical simulations in the case of Dirac measures.We introduce the QDs in a sub domain of and Rn study the existence and uniqueness along with a numerical scheme based on the level set method in the fourth paper.In the last paper we study the tangential touch for a semi-linear problem. We prove that there is just one phase free boundary points on the flat part of the fixed boundary and it is also shown that the free boundary is a uniform C1-graph up to that part.