The Weighted Space Odyssey

University dissertation from Karlstad : Karlstads universitet

Abstract: The common topic of this thesis is boundedness of integral and supremal operators between weighted function spaces.The first type of results are characterizations of boundedness of a convolution-type operator between general weighted Lorentz spaces. Weighted Young-type convolution inequalities are obtained and an optimality property of involved domain spaces is proved. Additional provided information includes an overview of basic properties of some new function spaces appearing in the proven inequalities.In the next part, product-based bilinear and multilinear Hardy-type operators are investigated. It is characterized when a bilinear Hardy operator inequality holds either for all nonnegative or all nonnegative and nonincreasing functions on the real semiaxis. The proof technique is based on a reduction of the bilinear problems to linear ones to which known weighted inequalities are applicable.Further objects of study are iterated supremal and integral Hardy operators, a basic Hardy operator with a kernel and applications of these to more complicated weighted problems and embeddings of generalized Lorentz spaces. Several open problems related to missing cases of parameters are solved, thus completing the theory of the involved fundamental Hardy-type operators.