Highly Dynamic Drives for Electric Hybrid Vehicles : Electric Machine Design and Dynamic Test Method

Abstract: Electric Hybrid Vehicles (EHVs) play a crucial role in the development towardsa more environmental friendly transportation. An alternative to solve someactual challenges with hybridization of vehicles is studied at the Division ofIndustrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (IEA) at Lund Universityin cooperation with the automotive industry. A key component of this drivetrain is a highly dynamic Electric Machine (EM) which will make possible tohybridize a conventional car at reduced costs while maintaining the performanceand comfort of the vehicle.The first part of this thesis work describes the design and optimization processof this multipurpose EM and presents the final prototype.The second part of this thesis presents a convenient, fast and precise methodfor measuring the mechanical and electromagnetic properties of this EM andsimilar motors. This Dynamic Test Method is based on state of the art controland measurements system and makes possible to characterize an EM withoutthe need of a Brake Bench.Finally the measured properties of the EM are analyzed and the results showthat the EM has the required performace in speed, torque and dynamics for theintended EHV application.The results of the thesis reduce the need of heavy and expensive components for the EHV and for the measurements, by using very fast, dynamic and accuratetools instead.