Living with tourism Perspectives of Indigenous communities in Québec, Canada

University dissertation from Uppsala : Department of Social and Economic Geography

Abstract: This study focuses on the transformation process and reshaping of Indigenous tourism in Québec, Canada, using an ethnographic approach and methods. The central aim is to understand how Indigenous communities are affected by the development of Indigenous tourism and how they deal with this development. Three concepts are elaborated upon: resilience, performance of authenticity and representation of territory. The present study aims to show that these concepts are interconnected and crucial to the discussion of sustainable development. In this study it is important to not merely view Indigenous peoples as people affected by tourism but primarily as individuals who are involved in shaping Indigenous tourism in their communities. This work discusses a process in which society, communities and the Indigenous tourism industry are changing and transforming. I have shown how the dimensions of sustainable development can interact with place-specific conditions and are of importance for the Indigenous communities in Québec.