Moisture permeability of mature concrete, cement mortar and cement paste

University dissertation from Div of Building Materials LTH, Lund university

Abstract: Moisture permeability tests were performed on specimens of concrete, cement mortar and cement paste with the bottom side in water or in moist air and the upper side in a relative humidity of 33 %. The distribution of the relative humidity within the specimen was measured, at stationary conditions, as well as the amount of water which pass through the specimen. The depth of the specimens was varied between 0.063 and 0.150 m. The water-cement ratio was varied between 0.4 and 0.8 for the concrete specimens. The influence of varying amounts of aggregate and of air was studied. Some theoretical models were studied and developed in connection with the evaluation of the tests results. The results are summarized in tables of transport coefficients, suitable for practical application.

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