New Technology-Based Firms in Science Parks - A Study of Resources and Absorptive Capacity

University dissertation from Lund Business Press

Abstract: In this thesis a strategy perspective (the resource-based view) is applied to the New Technology-Based Firms (NTBFs) in Science Parks, arguing that the Science Park provides the firms with a set of resources that if used could help them build their resource base and thus develop and grow. Three categories of resources are identified in the Science Park; University related resources, Science Park facilities, and Cluster effects. However, not all firms use the same set of resources. Industry is one variable that explains some difference in resource use, but the firms’ configuration of management resources seems to explain to a greater extent the difference in use of Science Park resources. The NTBFs are categorised according to their management resource configurations, thus: founder oriented firms, recruitment oriented firms, and parent company oriented firms. The explanation of the difference in resource use of these three categories may be found in the concept of absorptive capacity, which states that the more knowledge and experience that is present in firms, the more knowledge can be absorbed. It appears that the NTBFs follow different strategies when it comes to absorbing resources, depending on their management resource configuration. The concept of absorptive capacity is suggested to be incorporated into the resource-based view of strategy as a concept describing the resource acquisition process. The results concerning differences in resource use among the Science Park firms under review may imply differentiated action on the part of Science Park management in order to encourage firm development and growth. In addition, the results concerning different management resource configurations and their implications for resource use, may serve as an input to the NTBF managers in their choice of strategy.

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