Neurocognition in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

University dissertation from Ineko

Abstract: DoctoraI dissertation in Psychology 2011 Kari lampi, U. Ncurocognition in schizophrcnia spcctrum disorders. Department of Psychology, University ofOothcnburg, Swcdcn. ABSTIIACT Thc genen!! purposc of this disscrtntion was 10 c,'(plore and dcscribc thc global and spccific ao;pcclS of ncurocognition and cognitive funclioning in a cross-scclional, clinically representative group of outpnticnts with schizophrcniu spcclrum disorders, using hcalthy volunteers ns a controi group, whcnevcr fca.<;iblc. Sludy I anulyzcd and comparcd ncurocogn it ivc lesl profiles rclnled to difTcrent Icvcls of verbalicaming pcrfofmuncc urnang patients with sch izophrcnia spcclnnn disorders and hcalthy voluntccrs in order to idcntify the mujor predictors of calegory assignment. Approxi mately four out of tcn patients hal.l nomlal levels of verbal learning perronnance. Despite equivulcnt levels of verbal learning in cOIuparison with heulthy voIunieers, the patients perfonned worse on all subtests with Ihe exceplion ofworking mcmory. All patients also presenled cqually floor visuomolor processing speed dcspile their level ofvcrhallcaming pcrfomlancc, indicating. global neurocognilive rClardmion in speel.l-relatcd processing. Study II asscsscd the rel

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