Light Design : Outdoor Urban Public Places : - Urban Lighting: Design and Technologies -

Abstract: Most of the present time outdoor lighting investments seem to be focused on road and automotive traffic facilities or oriented toward safety, security and efficiency. We can identify this in many of the world cities, as a globally spread common practice, where lighting is still highly perceived as a pure matter of quantities’ distribution. Considering the tendency for the Human being to become an Urban-being, the future of human quality of life will, most probably, depend on the fortune of so called sustainable cities. By lighting design, and promoting the return of the city lights to the Human scale, is argued that the Urban Planning approach may not correspond best to the person viewpoint, due to scale. Will be explored, this way, by positioning the perspective at human eye level and not zenith bird-view, the traditional perspective over the city, where from not a soul ever experiences urbanity. The method definition will be based mostly on observations and analysis of the Light and Lighting transitions taking place in cities, experienced by its inhabitants, from daytime to night time.