Corporate Social Responsibility and Development : Case of the Chad-Cameroon Oil Pipeline Project

Abstract: As society today increasingly understands the impact of transnational corporate operations, an increasing recognition on the part of corporations of their responsibility for social and environmental well being of people in poor countries appears. The norm - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) grew out of such logic. The present study explores the extent to which CSR can be expected to contribute to economic development of oil-rich communities, in this case Chad and Cameroon. The core question posed is, does CSR have the potential to bring developmental gains of a positive character to these oil-rich countries? In answering the question, the study seeks to achieve a better understanding of the strategies by which oil corporations today endeavour to live up to the demands society currently places on them. Knowledge of the social reality of interest is obtained for the thesis through a case study conducted, and on a qualitative methodological approach employed.

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