Rewriting Entrepreneurship : Enterprise discourse and entrepreneurship in the case of re-organising ES

Abstract: People at the formal organisation of ES were written as they tried to write a new script describing how the organising of their operations should become conducted. A project of re-organising the operations was initiated in a way rather typical for the 1990s: services were bought from a consulting agency, and the agency brought their tools for making ES into a proper company. ES was supposed to become more managerial and more entrepreneurial at the same time. Control and efficiency, together with the creation of new customers, products, and new markets were the assumed outputs of this re-organising. This thesis writes this re-organising as a discursive event. Focusing on enterprise discourse as a governmental rationality reproducing managerialism, the purpose is firstly to describe how enterprise discourse became effective in producing this event. From a poststructuralist approach in use, reflections on how students of re-organising are written as 'analysts' of such events make it necessary to trace the genesis of enterprise discourse. This is done in conversation with the stories of the field. Moving from text to writing, the purpose secondly includes an ambition to participate as writer of this event - to tell its other/silent story. This helps me to rewrite entrepreneurship. With homo ludens (playing human) rather than homo oeconomicus (economic human) as concept for subjects of entrepreneurship, I attempt to create openings toward other ways of writing entrepreneurship.

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