Road construction materials as a source of pollutants

University dissertation from Luleå : Luleå tekniska universitet

Abstract: This thesis deals mainly with road construction materials, particularly in cases where they may contribute polluting substances. The complexity of the measuring and evaluation of some pollutants with respect to sampling and chemical analysis is considered. Field measurements showed that, on the basis of their chemical composition, large amounts of the solids accumulated in the snow along a rural highway could be attributable to asphalt wear. The elements in the winter- accumulated solids were measured and tested with regard to leaching. Adsorption characteristics were tested for Zn, Cu, Cd and Pb on two different minerals. Through material analyses, PAH were found in bituminous binders and in tyre rubber. Asphalt was tested for leaching. Conventional road construction materials were compared with blast furnace slag in a field study. The slag was chemically and physically characterised.

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