Hilbert schemes and Rees algebras

University dissertation from Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Abstract: The topic of this thesis is algebraic geometry, which is the mathematical subject that connects polynomial equations with geometric objects. Modern algebraic geometry has extended this framework by replacing polynomials with elements from a general commutative ring, and studies the geometry of abstract algebra. The thesis consists of six papers relating to some different topics of this field.The first three papers concern the Rees algebra. Given an ideal of a commutative ring, the corresponding Rees algebra is the coordinate ring of a blow-up in the subscheme defined by the ideal. We study a generalization of this concept where we replace the ideal with a module. In Paper A we give an intrinsic definition of the Rees algebra of a module in terms of divided powers. In Paper B we show that features of the Rees algebra can be explained by the theory of coherent functors. In Paper C we consider the geometry of the Rees algebra of a module, and characterize it by a universal property.The other three papers concern various moduli spaces. In Paper D we prove a partial generalization of Gotzmann’s persistence theorem to modules, and give explicit equations for the embedding of a Quot scheme inside a Grassmannian. In Paper E we expand on a result of Paper D, concerning the structure of certain Fitting ideals, to describe projective embeddings of open affine subschemes of a Hilbert scheme. Finally, in Paper F we introduce the good Hilbert functor parametrizing closed substacks with proper good moduli spaces of an algebraic stack, and we show that this functor is algebraic under certain conditions on the stack.