Scheduling and Optimisation of Heterogeneous Time/Event-Triggered Distributed Embedded Systems

University dissertation from Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: Day by day, we are witnessing a considerable increase in number and range of applications which entail the use of embedded computer systems. This increase is closely followed by the growth in complexity of applications controlled by embedded systems, often involving strict timing requirements, like in the case of safety-critical applications. Efficient design of such complex systems requires powerful and accurate tools that support the designer from the early phases of the design process.This thesis focuses on the study of real-time distributed embedded systems and, in particular, we concentrate on a certain aspect of their real-time behavior and implementation: the time-triggered (TT) and event-triggered (ET) nature of the applications and of the communication protocols. Over the years, TT and ET systems have been usually considered independently, assuming that an application was entirely ET or TT. However, nowadays, the growing complexity of current applications has generated the need for intermixing TT and ET functionality. Such a development has led us to the identification of several interesting problems that are approached in this thesis. First, we focus on the elaboration of a holistic schedulability analysis for heterogeneous TT/ET task sets which interact according to a communication protocol based on both static and dynamic messages. Second, we use the holistic schedulability analysis in order to guide decisions during the design process. We propose a design optimisation heuristic that partitions the task-set and the messages into the TT and ET domains, maps and schedules the partitioned functionality, and optimises the communication protocol parameters. Experiments have been carried out in order to measure the efficiency of the proposed techniques.

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