Optimal Long-Term Generation-Transmission Planning in the Context of Multiple TSOs

University dissertation from Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Abstract: Power system transmission is undergoing rapid changes by the advent of renewable resources of energy, distributed generation, market integration, etc. Transmission planning is, nowadays, about building more inter-connections between adjacent regions or connecting off-shore wind farms to the grid or augmenting the network to support new path flows of energy and is still almost entirely the responsibility of regulated transmission system operator (TSO). Moreover, a well-developed transmission planning includes anticipating the generation investment decisions made by profit-maximizing generation companies (Gencos).Ensuring sustainable development of the power system necessitates coordination between TSO transmission investment with Gencos generation investments. Moreover, coordination between inter-connected TSOs in planning the network is also required in order to hunter the economic benefits of a robust and efficiently planned multi-area power system.Driven by the need for more coordination of the long-term planning of the inter-connected power systems, this thesis aims to develop models to be used in analysis of the multi-TSO multi-Genco transmission and generation planning and suggest mechanisms and coordination approaches for the better functioning of the power system. This includes mathematical models for transmission planning in the context of multiple TSOs and generation-transmission investment planning based on the game theory concepts in applied mathematics and evaluating mechanisms and approaches.