Football on mobile phones : algorithms, architectures and quality of experience in streaming video

Abstract: In this thesis we study algorithms and architectures that can provide a better Quality of Experience (QoE) for streaming video systems and services. With cases and examples taken from the application scenarios of football on mobile phones, we address the fundamental problems behind streaming video services. Thus, our research results can be applied and extended to other networks, to other sports and to other cultural activities.In algorithm development, we propose five different schemes. We suggest a blind motion estimation and a trellis based motion estimation with dynamic programming algorithms for Wyner-Ziv coding. We develop a trans-media technology, vibrotactile coding of visual signals for mobile phones. We propose a new bandwidth prediction scheme for real-time video conference. We also provide an effective method based on dynamic programming to select optimal services and maximize QoE.In architecture design, we offer three architectures for real-time interactive video and two for streaming live football information. The former three are: a structure of motion estimation in Wyner-Ziv coding for real-time video; a variable bit rate Wyner-Ziv video coding structure based on multi-view camera array; and a dynamic resource allocation structure based on 3-D object motion. The latter two are: a vibrotactile signal rendering system for live information; and a Universal Multimedia Access architecture for streaming live football video.In QoE exploration, we give a detailed and deep discussion of QoE and the enabling techniques. We also develop a conceptual model for QoE. Moreover we place streaming video services in a framework of QoE. The new general framework of streaming video services allows for the interaction between the user, content and technology.We demonstrate that it is possible to develop algorithms and architectures that take into account the user's perspective. Quality of Experience in video mobile services is within our reach.