Networking Media Abstraction, Device Discovery, and Routing for the Pervasive Middleware PalCom

Abstract: PalCom is a pervasive middleware that can be used to assemble services provided by networked devices into configurations, called assemblies, for specific use cases by the user. In this dissertation, we present the development of a networking media abstraction framework for PalCom that abstracts different network interfaces in a PalCom device to upper layers of PalCom. The media abstraction framework is documented in paper I. Over the media abstraction layer, we define a device discovery mechanism that enables a PalCom device to discover other devices on its local networks, where it has network interfaces, as well as across interconnected networks. The device discovery mechanism is documented in paper II. On top of the device discovery layer, we implemented support for distance vector routing that enables routing data among discovered devices via the least cost routes. The routing layer is documented in paper III. In the last phase of our work, we refined our device discovery mechanism for PalCom to include a distributed synchronization algorithm that two PalCom nodes can utilize to re-sync their exchanged views of the network to overcome possible loss of device discovery and undiscovery notifications over unreliable channels. The synchronization algorithm is documented in paper IV.