Vintage models of spatial structural change

University dissertation from Umeå : Umeå universitet

Abstract: In the study a class of multisector network models, suitable for simulation of the interaction between production, demand, trade, and infrastructure, is presented. A characteristic feature of the class is a vintage model of the production system. Hence, the rigidities in existing capacities and the temporary monopolies obtainable from investments in new capacity at favourable locations are emphasized.As special cases, the class contains models in the modelling traditions of "interregional computable general equilibriunT, Hspatial price equilibrium'', "interregional input-output" and transportation networks.On the demand side, a multihousehold spatial linear expenditure system is introduced. This allows for an endogenous representation of income effects of skill-differentiated labour.The models are represented by a set of complementarity problems. This facilitates a comparison of model properties and the choice of an appropriate solution algorithm.The study is mainly devoted to single period models. Such equilibrium models are interpreted as adiabatic approximations of processes in continuous time. A separation by the time scale of the processes and an application of the slaving principle should thus govern the choice of endogenous variables in the equilibrium formulation.