Compensating for Unreliable Communication Links in Networked Control Systems

University dissertation from Stockholm : KTH

Abstract: Control systems utilizing wireless sensor and actuator networks can be severely affectedby the properties of the communication links. Radio fading and interferencemay cause communication losses and outages in situations when the radio environmentis noisy and low transmission power is desirable. This thesis proposes amethod to compensate for such unpredictable losses of data in the feedback controlloop by introducing a predictive outage compensator (POC). The POC is a filter tobe implemented at the receiver sides of networked control systems where it generatesartificial samples when data are lost. If the receiver node does not receive thedata, the POC suggests a command based on the history of past data. It is shownhow to design, tune and implement a POC. Theoretical bounds and simulationresults show that a POC can improve the closed-loop control performance undercommunication losses considerably. We provide a deterministic and a stochasticmethod to synthesize POCs. Worst-case performance bounds are given that relatethe closed-loop performance with the complexity of the compensator. We also showthat it is possible to achieve good performance with a low-order implementationbased on Hankel norm approximation. Tradeoffs between achievable performance,communication loss length, and POC order are discussed. The results are illustratedon a simulated example of a multiple-tank process. The thesis is concludedby an experimental validation of wireless control of a physical lab process. Herethe controller and the physical system are separated geographically and interfacedthrough a wireless medium. For the remote control we use a hybrid model predictivecontroller. The results reflect the difficulties in wireless control as well as theyhighlight the flexibility and possibilities one obtains by using wireless instead of awired communication medium.

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