Fixed points, fractals, iterated function systems and generalized support vector machines

University dissertation from Västerås : Mälardalen University Press

Abstract: In this thesis, fixed point theory is used to construct a fractal type sets and to solve data classification problem. Fixed point method, which is a beautiful mixture of analysis, topology, and geometry has been revealed as a very powerful and important tool in the study of nonlinear phenomena. The existence of fixed points is therefore of paramount importance in several areas of mathematics and other sciences. In particular, fixed points techniques have been applied in such diverse fields as biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, game theory and physics. In Chapter 2 of this thesis it is demonstrated how to define and construct a fractal type sets with the help of iterations of a finite family of generalized F-contraction mappings, a class of mappings more general than contraction mappings, defined in the context of b-metric space. This leads to a variety of results for iterated function system satisfying a different set of contractive conditions. The results unify, generalize and extend various results in the existing literature. In Chapter 3, the theory of support vector machine for linear and nonlinear classification of data and the notion of generalized support vector machine is considered. In the thesis it is also shown that the problem of generalized support vector machine can be considered in the framework of generalized variation inequalities and results on the existence of solutions are established.

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