On Sensor-Controlled Robotized One-off Manufacturing

University dissertation from Robotics

Abstract: A semi-automatic task oriented system structure has been developed and tested on an arc welding application. In normal industrial robot programming, the path is created and the process is based upon the decided path. Here a process-oriented method is proposed instead. It is natural to focus on the process, since the path is in reality a result of process needs. Another benefit of choosing process focus, is that it automatically leads us into task oriented thoughts, which in turn can be split in sub-tasks, one for each part of the process with similar process-characteristics. By carefully choosing and encapsulating the information needed to execute a sub-task, this component can be re-used whenever the actual subtask occurs. By using virtual sensors and generic interfaces to robots and sensors, applications built upon the system design do not change between simulation and actual shop floor runs. The system allows a mix of real- and simulated components during simulation and run-time.

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