Active suppression of vibration and noise in industrial applications

Abstract: Today, active control technology is about to emerge from the research labs into products in various areas. It has become an attractive method where passive techniques have low impact at low frequencies and adding active control to that part is often an attractive solution. The active control technique has been enabled by the rapid development of digital signal processors over the last decades. The focal point in this thesis is active vibration and noise suppression. Two different industrial applications have been subjected to active control to reduce unwanted disturbances. In cutting operations, active vibration suppression has been applied to both external turning and boring operations with successful results. Turning operations, and in particular boring operations, are typical examples of chatter prone machining. In order to implement active vibration control in boring operations a thourough investigation of the boring process has been made in the first two parts in this thesis. The following two parts of the thesis treat active vibration suppression in external turning operations and in boring operations. The second industrial application treats the noise in a fork-lift truck. In the final part of the thesis, active noise suppression has been implemented in the cabin of a fork-lift truck.

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