Preparation of Tablets from Reservoir Pellets with an Emphasis on the Compression Behaviour and Drug Release

University dissertation from Uppsala : Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis

Abstract: The preparation of multiple unit tablets was investigated in this thesis with the intention of gaining a deeper understanding of some of the factors that influence the properties of such tablets.Initially, three different types of pellets (drug, soft and disintegrant pellets) were combined as a model to investigate the ability of the mixture to form disintegrating tablets. The proportions of the different pellets and the type of disintegrant used were factors that independently influenced the tablet properties. Furthermore, the properties of tablets containing drug pellets barrier-coated with an aqueous polymer dispersion were also found to depend on the coating thickness and the compaction pressure.When compacting pellets barrier-coated with a solvent-based polymer solution without incorporating excipient particles in the tablet formulation, a high pellet porosity was advantageous to preserve the original drug release profile, even though highly porous pellets became more densified and deformed than pellets of lower porosity.The influence of the properties of excipient particles on the deformation of the reservoir pellets was also studied and, although the amount of flattening of the pellets was only slightly affected, changes in the pellet shape (irregularity) with alterations in the porosity and size of the excipient particles were more substantial. In contrast, the properties of the excipient particles did not affect the pellet densification.The solvent-based coating used was able to adapt to the changes in volume and shape that the pellets underwent during compaction. The coating structure appears to be changed by compaction and it is proposed that the final structure of the coating is the net effect of two parallel processes, one reducing and one prolonging the transport time of the drug across the coating. Thus, the drug release could be maintained or even prolonged after compaction, despite extensive structural changes of the reservoir pellets.

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