Application and Development of the CEASIOM-SUMO-EDGE Suite for Rapid AeroData Assessment of Aircraft Flying Qualities

University dissertation from Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Abstract: In aircraft design, methods for rapid aerodata assessment and data screening at early stages are instrumentalin reducing development cost and first-time-right processes. New efficient tools for the analysis can easethe transition as the traditional and rigidly structured sequential design process gives way to a concurrentmulti-disciplinary process with the compressed time-span required in the competition for market shares.The CEASIOM-SUMO-EDGE software suite provides a way from initial sizing to stability and control design andassessment, including effects of aero-elasticity.CEASIOM ongoing and further development is driven by user needs, and the thesis reports on fourdifferent design and analysis cases which required enhancement of CEASIOM in several respects.The validation study on the B-747 with its multitude of control surfaces required generalizationof control surface definition and modeling. The clean-sheet design of the TransCruiser Mach 0.97passenger transport required compilation, fusion, and screening of aerodynamics data from many sourcesand in different formats. The DanBus and the asymmetrical twin-prop pusher-puller configuration required translationof geometry representation and development of simple propeller models in the automatic meshgeneration and CFD analysis.The way forward is provided by adoption of common data formats and geometry (and structural, etc.)modeling conventions. To this end the current proprietary XML format should be replaced by a more generalXML system such as CPACS under development at DLR which will be made public in the near future.