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2017-05-25High cell density perfusion process development for antibody producing Chinese Hamster Ovary cells
2017-05-25Market, State, and Morality : Two Studies of How Left and Right Undermined Moral Motivation in the Swedish School System
2017-05-25ATLAS Pixel Detector Readout Integrated Circuits and Data Acquisition
2017-05-25Laser cutting and piercing: Experimental and theoretical investigation
2017-05-25Creative Disability Classification Systems : The case of Greece, 1990-2015
2017-05-25Comparative study of Radiation Therapy of Tar-gets in the Upper Abdomen with Photon- or Scanned Proton-beams
2017-05-25Sea trout, Salmo trutta L., in small streams on Gotland : the coastal zone as a growth habitat for parr
2017-05-25Marine multi-proxy records of late Quaternary climate change from the Atlantic Ocean
2017-05-25The construction of womanhood in Algeria : Moudjahidates, Aishah Radjul, women as others and other women
2017-05-25Computer support for collaborative reviewing of documents
2017-05-25Overtraining, staleness, and burnout in sports
2017-05-25The Kumano saga of Nakagami Kenji
2017-05-25Changing land-use patterns in the Irangi Hills, Central Tanzania : a study of soil degradation and adaptive farming strategies
2017-05-25Middle and late Pleistocene environmental changes recorded in the Latvian part of the Baltic Sea basin
2017-05-25Corrective maintenance maturity model : problem management
2017-05-25Naturalism and the status of epistemology
2017-05-25Non-invasive measurement of emittance and optical parameters for high-brightness hadron beams in a synchrotron
2017-05-25Essays on concentration, border effects and R & D cooperation
2017-05-25Cell penetrating peptides : mechanisms and applications
2017-05-25The development of a proton grid therapy

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