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2017-10-20Orthodontic care in Sweden : Outcome in three counties
2017-10-20Cerebral biomarkers in women with preeclampsia
2017-10-20Alphavirus vectors as recombinant vaccines
2017-10-20A holistic view of urinary stress incontinence in women
2017-10-20A continuing educational intervention in primary health care using the ConPrim model
2017-10-20Anti-idiotypic immunity in multiple myeloma and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance
2017-10-20Effects of unloading on skeletal muscle mass and function in man
2017-10-20Electrokinetic devices from polymeric materials
2017-10-20Gated Bayesian Networks
2017-10-20Aperiodic Array Synthesis for Telecommunications
2017-10-20On control of cascaded H-bridge converters for STATCOM applications
2017-10-20Inter-individual differences in associative memory : structural and functional brain correlates and genetic modulators
2017-10-20Pre-mRNA processing in the polytene nuclei of chironomus tentans
2017-10-20Computational modelling of enzyme selectivity
2017-10-20Adolescents* sleep in a 24/7 society Epidemiology and prevention
2017-10-20Studies on mutagenesis by ethylene oxide and styrene oxide in the hprt gene in human cells
2017-10-20Explaining Trends in Car Use
2017-10-20Immunoglobulin isotype switching in health and disease
2017-10-20Studies on oral clearance of citric acid and its effect on enamel erosion
2017-10-20Infant Dental Enucleation in Sweden Perspectives on a Practice among Residents of Eastern African Origin

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