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2018-05-26Determining and Optimizing the Current and Magnetic Field Dependence of Spin-Torque and Spin Hall Nano-Oscillators Toward Next-Generation Nanoelectronic Devices and Systems
2018-05-26The Wicked Problem of Privacy Design Challenge for Crypto-based Solutions
2018-05-24Spectral image quality and applications in breast tomosynthesis
2018-05-24The power of action and knowledge in episodic memory for school-aged children
2018-05-24Stuck on repeat : Adolescent stress and the role of repetitive negative thinking and cognitive avoidance
2018-05-23Impact of chronic kidney disease on the cardiovascular system : studies in non-dialysis patients and healthy people
2018-05-23Development of biocatalytic processes for selective antioxidant production
2018-05-23Low-Cost, Environmentally Friendly Electric Double-Layer Capacitors Concept, Materials and Production
2018-05-23Hate crime victimization : consequences and interpretations
2018-05-23On enhancement of bone formation using local drug delivery systems
2018-05-23Maximal regularity of the solutions for some degenerate differential equations and their applications
2018-05-23Efficient Modeling of Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC Transmission Systems
2018-05-23Designing Self-Adaptive Software Systems with Reuse
2018-05-23Cancer Risk Assessment of Glycidol Evaluation of a Multiplicative Risk Model for Genotoxic Compounds
2018-05-19Statistical methods in medical image estimation and sparse signal recovery
2018-05-19Interacting Dirac Matter
2018-05-19Energy efficiency in Swedish SMEs Exploring barriers, knowledge creation and the role of municipal energy efficiency programs
2018-05-19Immigration and the Neighborhood Essays on the Causes and Consequences of International Migration
2018-05-19Rules of engagement - Regulation of complement response in tissue
2018-05-18Exploring firefighters* health and wellbeing

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