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2016-08-23Sustainability of Social Housing in the Urban Tropics
2016-08-23Flow over large-scale naturally rough surfaces
2016-08-23Hair cell regeneration in vestibular epithelia a study in an in vitro model
2016-08-23Bits and Pieces for the Nuclear Puzzle - Exploring light exotic nuclei with radioactive ion beams
2016-08-23Heart failure and anemia in Sub-Saharan Africa: etiology, characterization, prognosis and the role of oral iron – experiences from Tanzania
2016-08-23Motivational interviewing in smoking cessation : effectiveness, active components, and acquisition of counsellor skills
2016-08-23On the Economics and Politics of Mobility
2016-08-23Environmental and Genetic Influences in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and its Comorbidities
2016-08-23Development of novel PET radioligands for visualizing beta cell mass and amyloid plaques
2016-08-23Impact of material migration on plasma-facing components in tokamaks
2016-08-23Least Squares Methods for System Identification of Structured Models
2016-08-23Drug and disease effects on the human brain studied by functional MRI
2016-08-23Load and risk based maintenance management of wind turbines
2016-08-23The role of genetics in regulation of weight loss and food intake
2016-08-23Control Rod Homogenization in Heterogeneous Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactors
2016-08-23Organizational Culture and Structure Influence on Information Technology Governance
2016-08-20Hair cell regeneration in vestibular epithelia : a study in an in vitro model
2016-08-20Protein modularity : Structure and interactions by NMR and SPR
2016-08-20Some Problems in Unimodal Dynamics
2016-08-20An ALARP Stop-Test Decision for the Worst-Case Timing Characteristics of Safety-Critical Systems

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