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2016-12-03Self-organization and Intervention of Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems
2016-12-03Sow reproduction and piglet performance in multi-suckling pens
2016-12-03Histone deacetylases and their co-regulators in schizosaccharomyces pombe
2016-12-03Functionality of wet grasslands as green infrastructure
2016-12-03On the Attachment of Lightning Flashes to Wind Turbines
2016-12-03Brucella in Tajikistan
2016-12-03Optimization-Based Methods for Revising Train Timetables with Focus on Robustness
2016-12-03Development of Lepidium campestre into a new oil and catch crop
2016-12-03Abdominal aortic aneurysm inception and evolution - A computational model
2016-12-03Urban environmental stewardship Roles and reasons for civic engagements in governance of social-ecological systems
2016-12-03Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sapwood modification by vinyl acetate-epoxidized plant oil copolymer
2016-12-03“We’re made of meat, so why should we eat vegetables?” food discourses in the school subject home and consumer studies
2016-12-02Nanoscale structure forming processes Metal thin films grown far-from-equilibrium
2016-12-01The process of recovery after colorectal cancer surgery : patients* experiences an factors of influence
2016-12-01Small-Scale Fisheries Governance : Broadening Perspectives on Markets, Relationships and Benefits in Seafood Trade
2016-12-01Affective Surface Engineering for Product Design
2016-12-01Initiation and early crack growth in VHCF of stainless steels Experimental and theoretical analysis
2016-12-01Microsystem technology for microwave applications at frequencies above 100 GHz
2016-12-01Physiological status of bacteria used for environmental applications
2016-12-01Variational Methods for Moments of Solutions to Stochastic Differential Equations

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