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2016-05-26Heating the Early Universe : Numerical Methods and Their Analysis
2016-05-26Gut peptides in gastrointestinal motility and mucosal permeability
2016-05-26The general sociology of Harrison White
2016-05-26Significance of Wilms’ tumor gene 1 as a biomarker in acute leukemia and solid tumors
2016-05-26Robotic Manipulation under Uncertainty and Limited Dexterity
2016-05-26Partial Balayage and Related Concepts in Potential Theory
2016-05-26Capturing travel entities to facilitate travel behaviour analysis A case study on generating travel diaries from trajectories fused with accelerometer readings
2016-05-26Identification of novel inducers for LL-37 expression : assay development and mechanistic studies
2016-05-26Isoconversional analysis for the prediction of mass-loss rates during pyrolysis of biomass
2016-05-26Models and Critical Maneuvers for Road Vehicles
2016-05-26Static and dynamic properties of uniform- and vortex-states in synthetic nanomagnets
2016-05-26Hydatidiform mole - prevalence and outcome
2016-05-26Model-based quantitative assessment of skin microcirculatory blood flow and oxygen saturation
2016-05-26Understanding Solution Quality
2016-05-26Breathing Matters Feminist Intersectional Politics of Vulnerability
2016-05-26Challenges for the democratisation process in Tanzania Moving towards consolidation 50 years after independence?
2016-05-26Constrained Optimization for Prediction of Posture
2016-05-26On the use of computed tomography in cardiac imaging
2016-05-26A tripartite of immune-, epithelial-, and nervous-systems in the homeostatic regulation of the gut
2016-05-25Risk Estimation of Groundwater Drawdown in Subsidence Sensitive Areas

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