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2016-04-30Particle Emissions from Ships
2016-04-30Extending the capabilities of polarizable embedding through damped linear response theory
2016-04-30Hypothalamic and Metabolic Dysfunction in Genetic Models of Huntington’s Disease
2016-04-30Protecting the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflict - The Role of Multilateral Environmental Agreements
2016-04-30No-Touch Saphenous Vein Grafts in Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting : Long-term Angiographic, Surgical, and Clinical Aspents
2016-04-30Total wrist arthroplasty : A clinical, radiographic and biomechanical investigation
2016-04-30Phase Noise and Wideband Transmission in Massive MIMO
2016-04-30Profiling of risk-related behaviors in relation to voluntary alcohol intake and neurobiology
2016-04-30Colonizing Fever : Race and Media Cultures in Late Nineteenth-Century Sweden
2016-04-30On Battery Electric Vehicles: Driving Patterns, Multi-Car Households and Infrastructure
2016-04-30Nature Routines of Children as Leverage Point for Sustainable Social-Ecological Urbanism : Connecting childhood and biosphere to design sustainable civilizations in the human habitat
2016-04-30Suggestions for innovation in the supplying of joinery products through the application of Lean-thinking and 3-D sensing
2016-04-30Nanoscale technologies for plasmon-assisted solar light harvesting and lipid membrane composites
2016-04-30MM-wave integrated RF-MEMS tunable cavity resonators, filters and ultra-low phase-noise oscillators
2016-04-30Impact of food quality on aquatic consumers : Behavioral and physiological adjustments
2016-04-30Political Economics of Special Interests and Gender
2016-04-30Writing History in a Propaganda Institute Political Power and Network Dynamics in Communist Romania
2016-04-30A combined carbon and hydrogen isotope approach to reconstruct the SE Asian paleomonsoon Impacts on the Angkor Civilization and links to paleolimnology
2016-04-30The secret life of nuclear IGF-1R : functions beyond traditional signaling pathways
2016-04-30Telomerase Activation and its clinical implications in human thyroid tumors

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