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2016-09-27Eliciting admissions from suspects in criminal investigations
2016-09-27Towards a mechanism for surface hydrophobization of paper - Effect of combinations of polyelectrolytes and polymer particles
2016-09-27Hardware/Software Partitioning Methodology for Embedded Applications using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
2016-09-27Data-driven modeling of combination therapy in oncology
2016-09-27Real-Time Communication over Switched Ethernet with Resource Reservation
2016-09-27Women’s status and child nutrition Findings from community studies in Bangladesh and Nicaragua
2016-09-27Optimal Design of District Energy Systems: a Multi-Objective Approach
2016-09-27Characterization of auxiliary membrane proteins in the chloroplast of Arabidopsis thaliana
2016-09-27Labour dystocia : risk factors and consequences for mother and infant
2016-09-27Developing IPM tools for greenhouse cucumber production in Sweden – a participatory action research approach
2016-09-27Social capital and work participation among people with mobility disability and overweight
2016-09-27Clinical studies in Multiple myeloma
2016-09-27Self-efficacy at work Social, emotional, and cognitive dimensions
2016-09-27Ionizing Radiation in Concrete and Concrete Buildings Empirical Assessments
2016-09-27Targeting dysfunctional developmental signaling cascades as a tool for tailored therapy in embryonal tumors
2016-09-27Mechanisms of native and artificial spinning of spider silk
2016-09-24Social citizenship and people with dementia : Designing social care policies in Sweden
2016-09-24A Search for Dark Matter Lines with H.E.S.S. II
2016-09-24Geo-environmental considerations in transport infrastructure planning
2016-09-24Enhancing intercultural communication in teaching chinese as a foreign language : An action research study

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