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2015-11-26Mechanistic Modeling of Wall-Fluid Thermal Interactions for Innovative Nuclear Systems
2015-11-26Automorphic string amplitudes
2015-11-26Speed and accuracy in transcription and translation : Modelling of transcript and polypeptide elongation
2015-11-26Housing Vacancies and Rents in a Rent Controlled Market : the Case of Sweden
2015-11-26Palladium-catalyzed lignin valorization : Towards a lignin-based biorefinery
2015-11-26New Opportunities in Urban Transport Data : Methodologies and Applications
2015-11-26Substance use in adolescents and young adults: Interactions of drugs of abuse and the role of parents and peers in early onset of substance use
2015-11-25Guarded Recursive Types in Type Theory
2015-11-25Physical characterization of exosomes and other extracellular vesicles using surface-based sensing
2015-11-25Lignin-carbohydrate complexes: Model compounds synthesis
2015-11-25Propagation of Chaos for Kac-like Particle Systems
2015-11-25Quantum optics and relativistic motion with superconducting circuits
2015-11-25Foaming of Some Cellulose Derivatives - Initial Studies
2015-11-25Multidimensional Modulation Formats for Coherent Single- and Multi-Core Fiber-Optical Communication Systems
2015-11-25Technology Platforms: Organizing and Assessing Technological Knowledge to Support its Reuse in New Applications
2015-11-25Value Creation in Agile Software Development for Embedded Software
2015-11-25Laparoscopic Lavage - A Paradigm Shift for the Treatment of Perforated Diverticulitis with Purulent Peritonitis?
2015-11-25Parametric interactions with signals and the vacuum
2015-11-25Understanding Management Ideas: The Development of Interpretability
2015-11-25Head kinematics in car–pedestrian crashes: The influence of sliding, spine bending, elbow and shoulder impacts

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