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2017-04-29Cellulose-fiber-based thermal insulation materials with fungal resistance, improved water resistance and reaction-to-fire properties
2017-04-29Circulating and genetic factors in colorectal cancer : Potential factors for establishing prognosis?
2017-04-29re-evaluation of clinical methods to identify individuals with increased risk of caries
2017-04-29Does firm or household borrowing react to monetary policy shocks
2017-04-29Classification in a person-oriented context
2017-04-29Auditability as interface : negotiation and signification of intangibles
2017-04-29Development of NMR methods for studies of dynamics and structure : applications to motilin, Alzheimer β-peptide and ubiquitin
2017-04-29Borders of management : five studies of accounting, organizing and the environment
2017-04-29Career outcomes in the Swedish labor market : three contextual studies
2017-04-29Literacy proficiency, earnings, and recurrent training : a ten country comparative study
2017-04-29Entrepreneurship in a School Setting : Introducing a Business Concept in a Public Context
2017-04-29Hydropower plants and power systems Dynamic processes and control for stable and efficient operation
2017-04-29Healthcare Priority Setting and Rare Diseases What Matters When Reimbursing Orphan Drugs
2017-04-29Development of income following sickness absence from the workplace or long-term unemployment, and among individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
2017-04-29Hybrid Plasmonic Devices for Optical Communication and Sensing
2017-04-29Mimicking the Outer Coordination Sphere in [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Active Site Models From Extended Ligand Design to Metal-Organic Frameworks
2017-04-29Heavy Metal Exposure in Early Life - Health and Labour Market Perspectives
2017-04-29Problematic substance use and co-occurring psychiatric problems in young Clinical patients and in criminal justice clients. Studies of mortalilty, measurements and intervention
2017-04-29Dissociation dynamics of highly excited molecules: Theory and Experiment
2017-04-29Pathogen entry mechanisms and endocytic responses to plasma membrane damage

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