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2018-08-21Advances in Biomolecular Imaging with X-ray Free-Electron Lasers
2018-08-21Collaborative product development and IT communication infrastructures : a study in the Swedish aerospace industry
2018-08-21Insulin-coated titanium implants - a potential therapy for local bone regeneration
2018-08-21Expansion of the Money Supply, Competitive Note Issuance and the International Adjustment Mechanism : Sweden under the Silver and the Gold Standard, 1834-1913
2018-08-21Empirical Studies in Money, Credit and Banking : Empirical studies in money, credit and banking : the Swedish credit market in transition under the silver and gold standards 1834-1913
2018-08-21Low complexity digital receivers
2018-08-21Unhealthy and Healthy Personality. The Relations Between Schizotypy Factors and Mental Health in the General Population
2018-08-21Effects of higher education and the role of admission selection
2018-08-21Distributed stream ciphers
2018-08-21Integrated and Subject-specific : an empirical exploration of Science education in Swedish compulsory schools
2018-08-21Asymptotic analysis of junctions in multi-structures
2018-08-21Molecular characterization of genes in the antibacterial response of two insect species; Hyalophora cecropia and Drosophila melanogaster
2018-08-21Global textures and neutralinos : secret matter of the universe?
2018-08-21An interactive health technology solution for encouraging physical activity : a first model based on a user perspective
2018-06-22From DNA to CBT : an investigation psychological therapy response and genetics
2018-06-21Quantification of the response of heterogeneous tumours and organized normal tissues to fractionated radiotherapy
2018-06-21Processing and characterization of thin film field effect gas sensors
2018-06-21Materials design and characterization of the active regions of gas sensitive field-effect devices
2018-06-21Attributes Modulating Affective Profiles in Psychiatric Patients
2018-06-21Battling the *Invisible Nets*. Gender in the fields of journalism in sub-Saharan Africa

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