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2017-02-25Enabling a Robot for Underwater Surface Cleaning
2017-02-25Hybrid observers for systems with intrinsic pulse-modulated feedback
2017-02-25Covalent Graphene Functionalization for the Modification of Its Physical Properties
2017-02-25Money talks while volume and value should run the show An evaluation of financial parameters for decision making duringmanufacturing system acquisition
2017-02-25Transfusion in critically ill patients: short- and long-term outcomes
2017-02-25Towards efficient vehicle dynamics development From subjective assessments to objective metrics, from physical to virtual testing
2017-02-25Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea - evaluation of questionnaire and surgical treatment
2017-02-25Air-sea exchange of O2 and CO2 Processes controlling the transfer efficiency
2017-02-25Toward a Sustainable Human-Robot Collaborative Production Environment
2017-02-25Molecular characterization and detection of infectious bronchitis virus
2017-02-24Planning Robotic Assembly Sequences
2017-02-24Identities and images in football
2017-02-24New alkylresorcinol metabolites
2017-02-24Phytoremediation of soil contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons and trace elements
2017-02-24The interactions between cormorants and wild fish populations
2017-02-24The role of biological processes in base cation supply in boreal forest podzols
2017-02-23Methane oxidation over palladium oxide. From electronic structure to catalytic conversion
2017-02-23Essays on the Behavioral Economics of Discrimination
2017-02-23Microbial Ecosystem Functions Along the Steep Oxygen Gradient of the Landsort Deep, Baltic Sea

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