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2017-01-21Processing of the 1992, 1994 and 1997 Campaigns in the Northen GPS Deformation Traverse
2017-01-21Attributes Modulating Affective Profiles in Psychiatric Patients
2017-01-21Evaluating Asset-Pricing Models in International Financial Markets
2017-01-21Modelling object-oriented dynamic systems using a logic-based framework
2017-01-21The genetics of antibiotic production and the role of antibiotics in biological control of Erwinia amylovora by Erwinia herbicola
2017-01-21On post-conflict affiliation in humans and other primates : methodological considerations
2017-01-21Encounters in nursing homes : Experiences from nurses, residents and relatives
2017-01-21The Internationalization Process of Online Service Providers Geographical Perspectives on the Emerging Online Economy
2017-01-21Aspects of central integrative and efferent mechanisms in cardiovascular reflex control
2017-01-21Systems-level investigation of the interaction between glucose metabolism and the Snf1/Mig1 signalling pathway
2017-01-21High resolution and angle-resolved UV photoelectron spectroscopy applied to free molecules
2017-01-21Growth intentions and communicative practices : Strategic entrepreneurship in business development
2017-01-21Advanced Strategies in Computer Assisted Drug Design - Efficient Use of Density Functional Theory For Solving Biochemical Problems: NMR Studies, H-Bonding, New Antitumor Leads
2017-01-21The Perception and Evaluation of Pleasant Touch and the Development of "Satiety" for Hedonic Tactile Experiences
2017-01-21Audio-video synthesis methods for improving performance of biometric systems
2017-01-21Herpes Simplex Virus 1 DNA replication and its role in recombination and transcription
2017-01-21Property Impacts on Heat Exchanger Design in CO2 Cryogenic Process of Carbon Capture and Storage
2017-01-21Characterisation and Some Statistical Aspects of Univariate and Multivariate Generalised Pareto Distributions
2017-01-21Personality in dogs
2017-01-21A Quantum Chemical Exploration of SiC Chemical Vapor Deposition

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