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2017-02-21Struktur och dynamik hos DNA studerad med KSR och optisk spektroskopi = Structure and dynamics of DNA studied by NMR and optical spectroscopy
2017-02-21Improved Oxidation Resistance and Reduced Cr Vaporization from Thin-Film Coated Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects
2017-02-21Exploring Interaction Design Perspectives on Heavy Vehicles
2017-02-21Multiobjective Optimization for Safety and Reliability Trade-off : Applications on Early Phases of Aircraft Systems Design
2017-02-21On the influence of Si on anodising and mechanical properties of cast aluminium alloys
2017-02-21Making standards work
2017-02-21Elderly patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery : can care be further improved?
2017-02-21European bioenergy markets
2017-02-21Market structure and economic status for firms producing single-family houses in Sweden
2017-02-21Methodological aspects on carotid artery intervention
2017-02-18Control of fungal diseases in winter wheat
2017-02-18Response of saproxylic insect communities to forestry
2017-02-18A dry phase of life
2017-02-18Environmental research collaboration : Cross-sector knowledge production in environmental science
2017-02-18Amenities of Swedish forests
2017-02-18Planting and survivability of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco) in Sweden : Questions of seedling storability, site preparation, bud burst timing and freezing tolerance
2017-02-18Restoration of endangered epiphytic lichens in fragmented forest landscapes
2017-02-18Exploring new ways
2017-02-18Failure mechanisms in APS and SPS thermal barrier coatings during cyclic oxidation and hot corrosion
2017-02-18Forest commons in boreal Sweden

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