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2018-11-14Severe health anxiety : novel approaches to diagnosis and psychological treatment
2018-11-12Ion-Crosslinked Nanocellulose Hydrogels for Advanced Wound Care Applications
2018-11-12Organizational preconditions and supportive resources for Swedish healthcare managers. Factors that contribute to or counteract changes
2018-11-10Serving IoT Communications over Cellular Networks Challenges and Solutions in Radio Resource Management for Massive and Critical IoT Communications
2018-11-09Out-of-field doses from proton therapy and doses from CBCT imaging Risk of radiation-induced second cancer from modern radiotherapy
2018-11-09Ischemic QRS Prolongation as a Biomarker of Severe Myocardial Ischemia
2018-11-09Carboligation using the aldol reaction A comparison of stereoselectivity and methods
2018-11-07Periodontal Implications of Salvadora persica L
2018-11-04Democratic innovations in political systems: towards a systemic approach
2018-11-03Modelling flow over rough surfaces in hydropower waterways
2018-11-03Computational Methods in Conceptual Structural Design
2018-11-01Inflammation and impaired adipogenesis in human white adipose tissue
2018-11-01Investigation of nanoparticle-cell interactions for development of next generation of biocompatible MRI contrast agents
2018-10-30Active workstations : a NEAT way to prevent and treat overweight and obesity?
2018-10-30Experimental and analytical study of thermal mixing at reactor conditions
2018-10-30Mechanism-based flow stress model for Ti-6Al-4V applicable for simulation of additive manufacturing and machining
2018-10-30Innate immune factors in recurrent and persistent infections of the lower female genital tract
2018-10-30Identification of candidate genes involved in Mercury Toxicokinetics and Mercury Induced Autoimmunity
2018-10-30Multimodality treatment of oesophageal cancer : effects and side effects
2018-10-30Locus specific DNA methylation in human immunological responses

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