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2017-12-07Military intelligence analysis institutional influence
2017-12-05Drama and Learning in Nursing Education : A study in first and second cycle
2017-12-02Parallelism in Event-Based Computations with Applications in Biology
2017-12-01Flexibility in assembly systems using product design
2017-12-01Speeding up the Atmosphere : Experimental oxidation studies of ambient and laboratory aerosols using a flow reactor
2017-12-01Lock-Based Resource Sharing for Real-Time Multiprocessors
2017-11-29Digital process planning of joining by numerical models in the automotive industry
2017-11-29Kinetic Models in Life Science — Contributions to Methods and Applications
2017-11-29Envisioning a Future Decision Support System for Requirements Engineering A Holistic and Human-centred Perspective
2017-11-28Consolidating Automotive Real-Time Applications on Many-Core Platforms
2017-11-28Performance, Processing and Perception of Communicative Motion for Avatars and Agents
2017-11-26Excited State Aromaticity and Antiaromaticity Fundamental Studies and Applications
2017-11-25Rehearsing Emotions The Process of Creating a Role for the Stage
2017-11-25Computational dynamics – real and complex
2017-11-25Cancer during adolescence Psychological consequences and development of psychological treatment
2017-11-25Readiness or resistance? Newly arrived adult migrants* experiences, meaning making, and learning in Sweden
2017-11-24Performance Characterization and Optimization of In-Memory Data Analytics on a Scale-up Server
2017-11-24Cost-effective maintenance of railway track geometry a shift from safety limits to maintenance limits
2017-11-24Synchrophasor Applications and their Vulnerability to Time Synchronization Impairment
2017-11-22The value of experimental data and modelling for exploration of hydrological functioning: The case of a till hillslope

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