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2017-05-26Ontology-based Analysis and Scalable Model Checking of Embedded Systems Models
2017-05-26Development of an Anisotropic Finite Element Head Model for Traumatic Brain Injury Prediction
2017-05-26Resource Optimization in Multi-processor Real-time Systems
2017-05-26Barriers, Enablers and challenges in the practice of directly observed treatment for tuberculosis patients in a local Thai community
2017-05-26Specification and potency of human neural stem cells for clinical transplantation
2017-05-26Development and testing of an m-Health platform to reduce post-operative penetrative sex in recipients of voluntary medical male circumcision
2017-05-26Facilitating participation A joint use of an interactive communication tool by children and professionals in healthcare situations
2017-05-26Hemorrhagic and thromboembolic complications following cholecystectomy
2017-05-26Studies on microglia in tumor biology and neurobiology
2017-05-26From movement to skill : neural and behavioral mechanisms of motor sequence learning
2017-05-26Spatially explicit electrification modelling insights Applications, benefits, limitations and an open tool for geospatial electrification modelling
2017-05-26Outcomes and complications in surgical and urological procedures
2017-05-26SHIFTING GENDER DYNAMICS IN MULTINATIONAL GHANAIAN MINE JOBS Narratives on Organizational and Sociocultural Barriers
2017-05-26Multi-Robot Motion Planning Optimisation for Handling Sheet Metal Parts
2017-05-26The atypical Rho GTPase RhoD and its role in cellular dynamics
2017-05-26Essays on the Determinants and Measurement of Subjective Well-Being
2017-05-26Ensuring elderly mobility environmental and safety issues
2017-05-26Learning Physics Through Communication During Laboratory Work An empirical study at upper secondary school
2017-05-25High cell density perfusion process development for antibody producing Chinese Hamster Ovary cells
2017-05-25Market, State, and Morality : Two Studies of How Left and Right Undermined Moral Motivation in the Swedish School System

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