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2017-05-31Knowledge-Based Integrated Aircraft Design : An Applied Approach from Design to Concept Demonstration
2017-05-31Nicotine sensitization and the effects of extended withdrawal - behavioral, neurochemical and electrophysiological studies in the rat
2017-05-31Human use and abuse of coral reefs : managing for ecosystem services and resilience
2017-05-31Sampling, characterisation and acute effects of isocyanates in aerosols : an occupational hygiene perspective
2017-05-31Liberal Intellectuals and Human Rights in the Turkish Public Sphere : Contestation and Pragmatism from the 1990s to the AKP-era
2017-05-31The Swedish durable wood materials market – industry structure and consumer perceptions’
2017-05-31On Electric Machinery for Integrated Motor Drives in Automotive Applications
2017-05-31Evidence based care of the very preterm infant : studies on thermal care and breastfeeding in Europe
2017-05-31Re-evaluation of methods to identify individuals with increased risk of caries
2017-05-31Powder-metallurgical processing and phase separation in ternary transition metal carbides
2017-05-31Aspects of Ash Transformations in Pressurised Entrained-Flow Gasification of Woody Biomass Pilot-scale studies
2017-05-31Long-term follow-up of patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis
2017-05-30Brain matter matters : renewal in the human brain
2017-05-30Evidence based care of the very preterm infant – studies on thermal care and breastfeeding in Europe
2017-05-30Uncovering mechanisms for amyloid precursor protein processing and trafficking
2017-05-30Water oxidation From Molecular Systems to Functional Devices
2017-05-27Extraction from relative clauses in Swedish Satsfläta med relativsats i svenskan
2017-05-27Design for e-training
2017-05-26Ontology-based Analysis and Scalable Model Checking of Embedded Systems Models
2017-05-26Development of an Anisotropic Finite Element Head Model for Traumatic Brain Injury Prediction

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