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2014-01-17Friction drag studies on microfabricated surface structures : a new equipment, sample manufacturing and the first results
2014-01-17Perspectives on Climate Policy : Induced technological change, land competition and global income inequality
2014-01-17Perfect simulation of some spatial point processes
2014-01-17Late effects on hearing and balance after treatment for childhood cancer
2014-01-17Rational points on cubic surfaces
2014-01-17Two-Locus affected sib-pair identity by descent probabilities
2014-01-17Modelling, optimization and design of visual sensor networks for sky surveillance
2014-01-17Fuzzy Set Theory Applied to Make Medical Prognoses for Cancer Patients
2014-01-17The relationship between reduced renal function and cardiovascular disease
2014-01-17Internet-based treatment of stress urinary incontinence : treatment outcome, patient satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness
2014-01-17Cognitive Radio Networks : Elements and Architectures
2014-01-17Solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation and Lagrangian subalgebras
2014-01-17Two contributions to genetic linkage analysis
2014-01-17Industrialized construction - explorations of current practice and opportunities
2014-01-17Global stability analysis of complex fluids
2014-01-17Symbolic sequences, crucial words and iterations of a morphism
2014-01-17Tissue engineering of the inner ear
2014-01-17Waterjet inlet design optimization using CFD and direct search
2014-01-17III–V Nanowire Surfaces

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