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2018-01-20Limit Laws, Homogenizable Structures and Their Connections
2018-01-19Dissolved and suspended transport of tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium in natural waters
2018-01-18Fabrication of Group IV Semiconductors on Insulator for Monolithic 3D Integration
2018-01-17In-situ testing of floating thermal piles in soft sensitive clay
2018-01-17Early Detection and Treatment for Children Experiences and outcome of implementation at a pediatric hospital
2018-01-14Serological and faecal biomarkers in inflammatory bowel disease
2018-01-12TGFβ and LXR signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma
2018-01-11Degenerate and nondegenerate Josephson parametric oscillators for quantum information applications
2017-12-27Tumor microenvironment : the paradoxical action of fibroblasts
2017-12-24Receptor localization and dynamics of murine natural killer cells at single cell level : using advanced fluorescence microscopy
2017-12-24Expression and regulation of steroid metabolizing enzymes in cells of the nervous and skeletal systems Special focus on vitamin D metabolism
2017-12-24Patients with femoral and tibial shaft fractures : aspects on epidemiology and pain therapy
2017-12-23Orphan Genes Bioinformatics Identification and properties of de novo created genes
2017-12-23Effective Techniques for Stateless Model Checking
2017-12-23The fuzzy front end of manufacturing technology development Exploring the link between the known and the unknown
2017-12-22Job satisfaction and emotional work tasks : : dentists in Sweden and Denmark
2017-12-22The birth, life and death of firms in industrial clusters The role of knowledge networks
2017-12-22Muscle function in the critically ill : clinical and experimental investigations
2017-12-22Genes and brain tumors
2017-12-21Dicarboxylic acids from xylose, using natural and engineered hosts

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