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2016-06-28On Integrated Product Architectures: Representation, modelling and evaluation
2016-06-28EM Design for New Ultra Wide Band Technologies: Eleven Feed Baluns, Bowtie Antennas and Gap Waveguides
2016-06-24Factors affecting alcohol self-administration : : learning, environmental and genetic influences on behaviour
2016-06-24Care for elderly : : A challenge in the anaesthesia context
2016-06-24Hamstring muscle strain
2016-06-24Quantifying cancer patient survival : : extensions and applications of cure models and life expectancy estimation
2016-06-23Self-reported symptoms and neurosensory function after electrical accidents : a survey among Swedish male electricians
2016-06-23Molecular mechanisms in lymphoid restriction securing the B lineage fate
2016-06-23Sustainability · Strategy · Space – exploring influences on governing for urban sustainability in municipalities
2016-06-23Regulation of immunity in Multiple Sclerosis CD4+ T cells and the influence of natalizumab
2016-06-22Size matters
2016-06-22Transport proteins in mammary epithelial cells
2016-06-22CO2 separation with ionic liquids - from properties to process simulation
2016-06-22Forest edge development
2016-06-22Bacterial infections in dogs with special reference to urinary tract infections, surgical site infections and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius
2016-06-22Essays on resource policy, gender and land rights
2016-06-22Bees and wasps (Aculeata) in young boreal forests
2016-06-22NMR metabolomics and lipid analyses in salmonid tissue
2016-06-22Molecular analysis of growth cessation and dormancy in hybrid aspen
2016-06-22Conceptualizing catchment processes affecting stream chemistry

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