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2018-10-19Structural investigation of SOD1 aggregates in ALS identification of prion strains using anti-peptide antibodies
2018-10-19The Solvency II Capital Requirement for Insurance Groups : On the Tension Between Regulatory Law and Company Law
2018-10-19Solar Wind Dynamics within The Atmosphere of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
2018-10-19Dissemination of motivational interviewing : the role of workshop training and subsequent supervision in the development of competence in clinical practice
2018-10-19Protein production in the E. coli cell envelope
2018-10-19Principal Word Vectors
2018-10-19Exploring functional subsets of cancer-associated fibroblasts
2018-10-19Recalling Urban Nature Linking City People to Ecosystem Services
2018-10-19Drugs and the Convention on the Rights of the Child Fragmentation, Contention and Structural Bias
2018-10-19Modelling phase separation in Fe-Cr alloys A continuum approach
2018-10-19Architecture for programmable network infrastructure
2018-10-19Classifications, volume bounds and universal Ehrhart inequalities of lattice polytopes
2018-10-19How hands shape the mind The P400 as an index of manual actions and gesture perception
2018-10-19Hierarchical Sisterhood : Supporting Women*s Peacebuilding through Swedish Aid to Bosnia and Herzegovina 1993-2013
2018-10-19A sensitivity analysis of the Winter-Kennedy method
2018-10-19Integrated Nanophotonic Devices in Lithium Niobate
2018-10-19Devices : On Hospitality, Hostility and Design
2018-10-19Spatially Resolved Gene Expression Analysis
2018-10-19Physiotherapeutic perspectives on balance control after stroke exercises, experiences and measures
2018-10-19Multimodal Porphyrin-Based Conjugates Synthesis and characterization for applications as amyloid ligands, photodynamic therapy agents and chiroptical materials

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