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2016-08-28Vision Beyond the Fovea: Evaluation and Stimuli Properties
2016-08-28Interactions between neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, N-Methyl-Aspartate receptors and beta-amyloid in the brain of genetically modified mice : : Implications for Alheimer´s disease
2016-08-28Stem cell transplantation : : Home care, graft-versus-host disease and costs
2016-08-28Towards higher order immersed finite elements for the wave equation
2016-08-28Putting the pieces together : elucidation of podocyte biology in the homeostasis of the kidney filtration barrier
2016-08-28Perceived Accessibility Capturing the Traveler Perspective
2016-08-28Standing in children with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy : aspects of muscle strength, vision and motor function
2016-08-28Sparse Voxel DAGs
2016-08-27Far-infrared conformer-specific signatures of small aromatic molecules of biological importance
2016-08-27Strategies for Utilizing Biobased and Recycled Resources for Polylactide Plasticization
2016-08-27A Study of Bubble and Inclusion Behaviors in a Liquid Steel Bath
2016-08-27Nitrous oxide and methane emissions from storage and land application of organic fertilisers
2016-08-27Hydrometallurgical recovery of rare earth elements from flourescent lamp waste fractions
2016-08-27History Education as Content, Methods or Orientation?
2016-08-27On Mathematical Reasoning : being told or finding out
2016-08-27Nicotinic transmission and drugs in anesthesia : : Neuromuscular blocking agents and propofol - consequences for carotid body function
2016-08-27Medical and nurse students’ perspective on learning in acute care
2016-08-27Interferons in antiviral defense and autoimmunity : : Focus on type 1 diabetes
2016-08-27Socioeconomic differences in drug use among older people : : Trends, polypharmacy, quality and new drugs
2016-08-27Dysfunctional breathing Clinical characteristics and treatment

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