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2017-03-29Gyrokinetic simulations of microturbulence and transport in tokamak plasmas
2017-03-29Knowing and Seeing the Combatant. War, Counterinsurgency and Targeting in International Law
2017-03-29Enabled by the past : understanding endogenous innovation in mature industries
2017-03-29Volatile anaesthetics and nonshivering thermogenesis
2017-03-29Assembly of actin filaments : on the roles of tropomyosin and gelsolin
2017-03-29Essays on exchange rate risk and uncertainty
2017-03-29Theoretical and observational aspects on deep-water overflows : with emphasis on the Denmark Strait
2017-03-29Empirical studies on health insurance, employment of immigrants and the gender wage gap
2017-03-29Trapping of high power laser pulses for recombination experiments
2017-03-29Photon and electron transport calculations for development of intensity modulated radiation therapy
2017-03-29Polybrominated diphenyl ethers and their hydroxy and methoxy derivatives : congener specific synthesis and analysis
2017-03-29Modelling and Characterisation of Granular Material Flow
2017-03-29Soulside : inquiries into ghetto culture and community
2017-03-29Relationer som arbete : förutsättningar för omsorgsfulla möten i hemtjänsten
2017-03-29From market orientation to orientation towards international marjets (OIM) of born global firms evaluating the impact of OIM on born global firms* performance
2017-03-29Food hypersensitivity among schoolchildren prevalence, Health Related Quality of Life and experiences of double-blind placebo-controlled food challenges. The Obstructive Lung Disease in Northern Sweden (OLIN) Studies, Thesis XVIII
2017-03-29On the returns of trend-following trading strategies
2017-03-29Calculations of Reaction Mechanisms and Entropic Effects in Enzyme Catalysis
2017-03-29The Narcissus Theme from Fin de Siècle to Psychoanalysis Crisis of the Modern Self
2017-03-28Packed Column Supercritical Fluid Chromatography : Applications in Environmental Chemistry

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