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2016-02-07Team activities in concept development Addressing open-ended problems
2016-02-07Mineralogical controls on the recovery of antimony in base-metal flotation – outlining the framework of a geometallurgical model for the Rockliden VHMS deposit, Sweden
2016-02-07Electrochemical Investigations of Water and Hypochlorite Reduction on a-and y-FeOOH
2016-02-07On Electrohydraulic Pressure Control for Power Steering Applications : Active Steering for Road Vehicles
2016-02-07On the liquid-phase cloud activation of insoluble and slightly soluble particles
2016-02-07Modeling and Tracking of Stochastic Polarization Drifts in Fiber-Optic Systems
2016-02-07Semi-mechanistic models of glucose homeostasis and disease progression in type 2 diabetes
2016-02-07A scattering study of concentrated lens protein solutions and mixtures - Towards understanding the molecular origin of presbyopia
2016-02-07Policy induced technological change: Productivity and innovation effects in biomass-using industry and energy generation
2016-02-07The Effect of Various Dopants on Diamond Growth : A Combined Experimental & Theoretical Approach
2016-02-07A search for solar dark matter with the IceCube neutrino detector : Advances in data treatment and analysis technique
2016-02-07Additively and multiplicatively structured sets
2016-02-07The clinical value of genetic analyses of bone and soft tissue tumors
2016-02-07Bridge Edge Beams : LCCA and Structural Analysis for the Evaluation of New Concepts
2016-02-07Computer based statistical treatment in models with incidental parameters : inspired by car crash data
2016-02-07Phase stability and physical properties of nanolaminated materials from first principles
2016-02-07Large Heat Networks in District Heating Systems
2016-02-07Finite Element Modeling of Contact Problems
2016-02-07Remember the small giants - Occupational exposure and characterization of aerosol particles
2016-02-07Long-term development of subalpine lakes: effects of nutrients, climate and hydrologicalvariability as assessed by biological and geochemical sediment proxies

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