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2018-02-22Lefschetz Properties of Monomial Ideals
2018-02-18Quantum Resources for Efficient Excitation Energy Transfer in Natural and Artificial Pigment-Protein Molecular Aggregates
2018-02-17Metal artifacts in computed tomography : impact of reduction methods on image quality and radiotherapy treatment planning
2018-02-17Uncertainty after heart transplantation. A new perspective on self-efficacy and self-management
2018-02-17On Stable Coronary Artery Disease. Diagnostic Aspects of Stress-induced Myocardial Ischemia
2018-02-16Route planning and energy consumption estimation for electric commercial vehicles
2018-02-14Untangling Cortico-Striatal Circuitry and its Role in Health and Disease - A computational investigation
2018-02-10Surgical ablation for the treatment of atrial fibrillation in different patient populations A study of clinical outcomes including rhythm, quality of life, atrial function and safety
2018-02-09High Blood Pressure in Children with Hydronephrosis
2018-02-08Energy Efficient Eradication of Legionella in Hot Water Systems
2018-02-07High-contrast imaging of faint substellar companions and debris disks
2018-02-04Numerical stress analysis in hybrid adhesive joint with non-linear materials
2018-01-31Short-term exposure to ozone in relation to mortality and out-of-hospital cardiac arrest : exploring sensitive subgroups by previous hospitalizations
2018-01-27PET/CT in oncology Patient experience, image quality and the value of information
2018-01-26Self-Assembly in Lipid-Protein Systems : Lung Surfactant, Stratum Corneum and Model Membranes
2018-01-20Limit Laws, Homogenizable Structures and Their Connections
2018-01-19Dissolved and suspended transport of tungsten, molybdenum, and vanadium in natural waters
2018-01-18Fabrication of Group IV Semiconductors on Insulator for Monolithic 3D Integration
2018-01-17In-situ testing of floating thermal piles in soft sensitive clay
2018-01-17Early Detection and Treatment for Children Experiences and outcome of implementation at a pediatric hospital

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