Retention time predictions in Gas Chromatography

University dissertation from Stockholm : Department of Analytical Chemistry, Stockholm University

Abstract: In gas chromatography, analytes are separated by differences in their partition between a mobile phase and a stationary phase. Temperature-program, column dimensions, stationary and mobile phases, and flow rate are all parameters that can affect the quality of the separation in gas chromatography. To achieve a good separation (in a short amount of time) it is necessary to optimize these parameters. This can often be quite a tedious task.Using computer simulations, it is possible to both gain a better understanding of how the different parameters govern retention and separation of a given set of analytes, and to optimize the parameters within minutes. In the research presented here, this was achieved by taking a thermodynamic approach that used the two parameters ΔH (enthalpy change) and ΔS (entropy change) to predict retention times for gas chromatography. By determining these compound partition parameters, it was possible to predict retention times for analytes in temperature-programmed runs. This was achieved through the measurement of the retention times of n-alkanes, PAHs, alcohols, amines and compounds in the Grob calibration mixture in isothermal runs. The isothermally obtained partition coefficients, together with the column dimensions and specifications, were then used for computer simulation using in-house software.The two-parameter model was found to be both robust and precise and could be a useful tool for the prediction of retention times. It was shown that it is possible to calculate retention times with good precision and accuracy using this model. The relative differences between the predicted and experimental retention times for different compound groups were generally less than 1%.The scientific studies (Papers I-IV) are summarized and discussed in the main text of this thesis. 

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