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2022-05-24The Technopolitics of Compassion : A Postphenomenological Analysis of the Digital Mediation of Global Humanitarianism
2022-05-24Public Perceptions of Gene Technology : On the edge of risk society
2022-05-24Hydrogen in the European energy system - The cost dynamics and the value of time-shifting electricity generation
2022-05-24Studies on human papillomavirus (HPV) and other markers in the development and prognosis of HPV associated cancer
2022-05-24Implementation of knowledge-based palliative care at nursing homes: The professionals* perspective
2022-05-24Clinical aspects of arterial wall stiffness with a focus on abdominal aortic aneurysm
2022-05-24Mathematical Modelling and Methods for Load Balancing and Coordination of Multi-Robot Stations
2022-05-24Wideband CMOS Data Converters for Linear and Efficient mmWave Transmitters
2022-05-24Translating Popular Education : Civil Society Cooperation between Sweden and Estonia
2022-05-24Understanding Defect Structures and Host-guest Interactions in Metal-organic Frameworks
2022-05-24Metabolomics, body composition and fracture
2022-05-24Additive manufacturing of Ni-based Superalloys- an analysis of parameter and strategy driven properties in Electron Beam Melting Process
2022-05-24Exploiting over-actuation for improved active safety of autonomous electric vehicles
2022-05-24Predicting Pedestrian Behavior in Urban Traffic Scenarios Using Deep Learning Methods
2022-05-24Condition Monitoring of Stator Windings with a Networked Electric Drive
2022-05-24Genetic analysis of cell cycle and chromatin regulation in quiescent fission yeast cells
2022-05-24Anisotropic Mechanical Behaviours and Thin-wall Effects of Additively Manufactured Austenitic Alloys

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