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2024-03-02Numerical Analysis of Cavitation-Induced Erosion in High-Pressure Fuel Injectors: under static and dynamic lift conditions
2024-03-02Advanced molecular tools for diagnostic analyses of RNA and antibodies in situ and in solution
2024-03-02Endodontic treatment in young permanent teeth : prevalence, quality and potential risk factors
2024-03-02Metabolite Profiling of Drugs using Mass Spectrometry : Identification of analytical targets for doping control and improvements of the metabolite search process
2024-03-02Integrative Approaches in Shotgun Proteomics : From sample preparation to multifaceted data analysis
2024-03-02Exploring Reaction Pathways in Li-ion Batteries with Operando Gas Analysis
2024-03-02Hardwood delignification
2024-03-02Signal Processing Aspects of Bistatic Backscatter Communication
2024-03-02Polymer brush functionalised nanopore sensors
2024-03-02Ticks - ecology, new hazards, and relevance for public health
2024-03-02Spectral Inheritance : Unlearning the Maturity-trope
2024-03-01HIBEAM/NNBAR annihilation detectordevelopment
2024-03-01Materials and Coatings for Superheater Tubes in Biomass- and Waste-fired Boilers
2024-03-01Traumatic brain injury in elderly patients
2024-03-01Photoluminescence Studies of Polytype Heterostructured InP Nanostructures
2024-03-01Selective Comminution Applied to Mineral Processing of Critical Metals
2024-03-01The Drosophila POU/Oct factors: multifaceted proteins
2024-03-01Function and Evolution of Small Regulatory RNAs and their Associated Proteins : A Journey from Genome to Proteome
2024-03-01Development and Tailoring of Low‐Density Cellulose‐Based Structures for Water Treatment
2024-02-29Resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the inferior vena cava (REBOVC) : experimental and clinical studies

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