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2019-05-23Evaluation of precursor and cofactor engineering strategies influencing fatty acid metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2019-05-23Dark Matter, Ancient Rocks, a Band of Higgs Bosons, and a Big Collider or, Models of New Physics and Some Ways to Probe Them
2019-05-23Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms Grade 3 Biological and Clinical Aspects
2019-05-23Trade frictions, trade policies, and the interwar business cycle
2019-05-23Human-in-the-Loop Control Synthesis for Multi-Agent Systems under Metric Interval Temporal Logic Specifications
2019-05-19Inhibition of mPGES-1 as therapeutic strategy in inflammation and cancer
2019-05-19Origen’s References to Heracleon : A Quotation-Analytical Study of the Earliest Known Commentary on the Gospel of John
2019-05-19Striving for Autonomy Health sciences teachers’ enactment of policy
2019-05-19Improving Implementation of e-Government Services in Rwanda : An Organisational Perspective
2019-05-18Oral care quality in intensive care units and short-term care units Nursing staff and older people*s perspectives
2019-05-18Screen Printed Large Area Sensors for Pressure Distribution Monitoring in Wheelchairs
2019-05-17Postpartum infections; prevalence, associated obstetric factors and the role of vitamin D
2019-05-17Cybersecurity Incident Response A Socio-Technical Approach
2019-05-16On H-infinity Control and Large-Scale Systems
2019-05-16Health security in the European Union Agents, practices and materialities of securitization
2019-05-16Techniques to Save Energy in Heterogeneous Multicore Architectures under QoS Constraints
2019-05-16The mast cell transcriptome and the evolution of granule proteins and Fc receptors
2019-05-13Development of Novel Macrocyclic Inhibitors of Protein-Protein Interactions : Applied to the Keap1-Nrf2 Complex
2019-05-13Combinatorics and zeros of multivariate polynomials
2019-05-11Direct-Ground Cooling Systems for Office Buildings: Design and Control Considerations

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