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2023-03-29Familial thrombophilia : Resistance to activated protein C and protein S deficiency
2023-03-29Tools in and out of sight : an analysis informed by Cultural-Historical Activity Theory of audio-haptic activities involving people with visual impairments supported by technology
2023-03-29Photoactive EDA complexes in visible light driven aerobic oxidations
2023-03-29Biobased Combined Heat and Power Production in Sweden – Opportunities for and Challenges to Sustainability from the Plant Operator Perspective
2023-03-29Polyhydroxyalkylations for alkali-stable cationic polymers as hydroxide exchange membranes
2023-03-29Optimal Subsampling Designs Under Measurement Constraints
2023-03-29Preconditioning for block matrices with square blocks
2023-03-28Visualising neurodegeneration in the living brain : Preclinical evaluation of PET radioligands
2023-03-28Pharmacological and genetic manipulation of adipose cell differentiation and metabolism
2023-03-28Composite I-girder bridges with lateral bracing – improved load distribution
2023-03-28Exploration of novel hepatic In-vitro systems for drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies
2023-03-28Graves* Disease; Aspects on Orbitopathy and Bone Metabolism
2023-03-28Pain in pediatric oncology : Explorative and interventional studies focusing on oral mucositis
2023-03-28Beyond Cut and Join : Expanding the Creative Role of Film Editing
2023-03-28Dysglycaemia and cardiovascular disease. Aspects on screening, management, and prognosis
2023-03-28Consideration of the non-linear behaviour of joints for efficient design of complex timber structures
2023-03-28Learning to Analyze Visual Data Streams for Environment Perception
2023-03-28Prediction-driven decision rules, RCT design and survival analysis
2023-03-28Antimicrobial potential of strontium against bacteria associated with peri-implantitis
2023-03-25To give birth in late- and post-term pregnancy - women*s experiences and perspectives

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