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2021-03-06Oxidation, Creep and Fatigue Synergies in Cast Materials for Exhaust Manifolds
2021-03-06Molecular insights into the pathogenesis of b-cell and myeloid malignancies : therapeutic implications
2021-03-06Optimizing mechanical ventilation in extremely preterm infants
2021-03-06Polymer and Protein Physics : Simulations of Interactions and Dynamics
2021-03-06Development and characterisation of bast and basalt fibre hybrid polymer composites for automotive applications
2021-03-06X-ray spectroscopy on diatomic and cationic molecules
2021-03-06The Socialization of Intergroup Attitudes: : The Problem of Generations
2021-03-06Sex differences in immune response and sex hormone receptor expression in healthy individuals and during viral infection
2021-03-05Methodology for developing reduced reaction mechanisms, and their use in combustion simulations
2021-03-05Antireflux surgery in the prevention of supra-esophageal cancer and mortality
2021-03-05Physiological and behavioural responses to fear and discomfort i dogs and goats
2021-03-05Health-related quality of life of different patient groups in Swedish national quality registers : longitudinal studies of EQ-5D data and application of different value sets
2021-03-05Investigation of the structural response of pavements in cold region using instrumented test site data
2021-03-05Reproducing gender - The spatial context of gender in entrepreneurship
2021-03-05Shaped by the past: Resilience and ecological memory in microbial communities
2021-03-05Impacts of multi-species deer communities on boreal forests across ecological and management scales
2021-03-05Spatial forest resource competition: an economic study : How increased competition and production flexibility affect woody feedstock markets
2021-03-05Cesarean Section. Impact on Postpartum Recovery, Subsequent Pregnancy and Delivery
2021-03-05Large grazing birds and crop damage : investigating spatial and temporal patterns to guide management practices
2021-03-05Investigation on the self-healing capabilties of asphaltic materials using neutron imaging

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