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2023-09-23Vertical III-V Nanowire Transistors for Low-Power Logic and Reconfigurable Applications
2023-09-23Cardiovascular health, orthostatic hypotension, and cognitive aging
2023-09-23Art of tumor immunity: extricating hypoxia-driven immunosuppression in the solid tumor microenvironment
2023-09-23Towards Enabling the Next Generation of Edge Controlled Robotic Systems
2023-09-23Digital interventions to improve mental health and lifestyle behaviors for primary care patients
2023-09-23Essays on Household Finance
2023-09-22Exploring Monoclonal Antibody Action Against the Group A Streptococcal M Protein
2023-09-22An exPADItion for citrullination in the developing hair follicle
2023-09-22"It*s not a quick fix" : Consequences of weight loss during life and experiences of weight regain after bariatric surgery
2023-09-22Quantum Computing for Airline Planning and Operations
2023-09-22Babesia and TBEV: tick-borne pathogens which may be difficult to diagnose
2023-09-22Deep inferior epigastric perforator flap breast reconstruction after mastectomy : An analysis of long-term outcomes and potential complications
2023-09-22Functional dynamics of glycosyltransferases : Solution-state NMR studies of peripheral membrane proteins involved in glycolipid biosynthesis in bacteria
2023-09-22Unpacking the Value of Emerging Technologies : Experimentation, Communication and Knowledge Brokering
2023-09-22Protein misfolding and amyloid formation : strategies for prevention
2023-09-22Targeting MTHFD1 and MTHFD2 as cancer treatment
2023-09-22Reactive Navigation Methods for Autonomous Robots: Safety, Coordination, and Field Deployment
2023-09-22Understanding hazards of nanoplastics using Daphnia magna
2023-09-22Utilising the Internet of Things concepts to improve the resource efficiency of food manufacturing
2023-09-22Automated Performance Profiling of Software Applications

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