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2021-11-17Design Automation for Additive Manufacturing : A Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Approach
2021-11-17Bioaccessibility, corrosion and surface properties of metals, alloys and metallic powder in biological fluids of relevance for occupational and consumer health hazard assessment
2021-11-17Realizing Next-Generation Data Centers via Software-Defined “Hardware” Infrastructures and Resource Disaggregation : Exploiting your cache
2021-11-17On a learning system for industrial automation : Model-based control and diagnostics for decision support
2021-11-17Low-Complexity Signal Processing for Speech Enhancement and Audio Analysis
2021-11-17Infertility in Men in Relation to Their Birth Characteristics
2021-11-17Analysis and numerical methods for multiscale problems in magnetization dynamics
2021-11-17Non-invasive monitoring of low molecular weight biomarkers relevant to skin inflammation and cancer
2021-11-17Binaural Rendering of Spherical Microphone Array Signals
2021-11-17Enhancing Short-Term Traffic Prediction for Large-Scale Transport Networks by Spatio-Temporal Clustering
2021-11-17Development of Techniques for Characterization, Detection and Protein Profiling of Extracellular Vesicles
2021-11-17A parental perspective on  child chronic kidney disease : The lived experience of  caregiving in Portugal
2021-11-17Transport and chemical processing of trace gases in deep convective clouds
2021-11-17Peri-implantitis : risk factors and outcome of reconstructive therapy
2021-11-16Treated in an intensive care unit : how patients and their families experience and manage their situation
2021-11-16Imaging-based methods for NK cell studies at the single-cell level
2021-11-16Drug safety and effectiveness in relation to kidney function : a pharmacoepidemiological approach
2021-11-16Critical Operations Capabilities for Competitive Manufacturing : A High-Cost Environment Perspective
2021-11-16Physical comorbidity in twins with ASD or ADHD
2021-11-16Crisis as practice : Non-emergency organizations’ coping with crises

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