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2020-05-22Strategic communication at the organizational frontline : Towards a better understanding of employees as communicators
2020-05-22Source analysis of multiplet earthquakes (two case studies in Iran)
2020-05-21Molecular and Spatial Profiling of Prostate Tumors
2020-05-21On determinantal point processes and random tilings with doubly periodic weights
2020-05-21Societal Impacts of Modern Conscription Human Capital, Social Capital and Criminal Behaviour
2020-05-20Protein identification and characterization through peptide mass spectrometry : method development for improved ricin and botulinum neurotoxin analysis
2020-05-20Orchestrating emerging digital ecosystems investigating the establishment of an open data platform in the Swedish public transport industry
2020-05-20Investigating and explaining sex differences in episodic memory
2020-05-19Random and Hybrid Medium Access for M2M Communication Scalability and Energy Analysis
2020-05-19Unleashing Animal-Computer Interaction A Theoretical Investigation of the “I” in ACI
2020-05-16Language policy and Sámi education in Sweden ideological and implementational spaces for Sámi language use
2020-05-16Membrane-bound proteins Characterization, evolution, and functional analysis
2020-05-14From bio-based residues to nanofibers using mechanical fibrillation for functional biomaterials
2020-05-13Prediction in Typical and Atypical Development
2020-05-08Building Data for Stacky Covers and the Étale Cohomology Ring of an Arithmetic Curve Du som saknar dator/datorvana kan kontakta [email protected] för information
2020-05-07Interactions in aqueous salt solutions : Atomistic modelling versus experiment
2020-05-07The University and the Demand for Knowledge-based Growth The hegemonic struggle for the future of Higher Education Institutions in Finland and Estonia
2020-05-06The Construction of Corporate Irresponsibility A constitutive perspective on communication in media narratives
2020-04-30Theoretical simulations of dynamical systems for advanced reservoir computing applications
2020-04-30Drivers of evolutionary change in Podospora anserina

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