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2021-06-20The Invisible Landscapes : The Construction of New Subjectivities in the Era of the Mobile Telephone
2021-06-20Anorexia nervosa - The journey towards recovery : A randomized controlled treatment trial; assessment, prediction, treatment outcome and clinical change
2021-06-20Usability Requirements for User-Controlled Robotic Eating Aids
2021-06-20See and Seen : Seeing Landscape through Artistic Practice
2021-06-20Ekonomisk styrning och organisatorisk passion : ett interaktivt perspektiv
2021-06-20Towards an electric bike level of service
2021-06-20Organ improvisation : Activity, action and rhetorical practice
2021-06-20Development of Concentrating Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Collectors
2021-06-20Zero Magic : Shifting the Valuation Convention
2021-06-20Improvisation, Computers, and Interaction : Rethinking Human-Computer Interaction Through Music
2021-06-20Exercising musicianship anew through soundpainting : Speaking music through sound gestures
2021-06-20Lak-ka-pid-lak-ka-perd : Contemporary urban conditions with special reference to thai homosexuality
2021-06-20Storytelling in Jazz Improvisation : Implications of a Rich Intermedial Metaphor
2021-06-19Enterprise within the enterprise : a study of management and performance in a public health care delivery organisation
2021-06-19Evaluating the Swedish Dignity Care Intervention within municipality healthcare : for older persons with palliative care needs
2021-06-19On the hosting capacity of distribution networks for solar power
2021-06-19Improving disaster response evaluations : Supporting advances in disaster risk management through the enhancement of response evaluation usefulness
2021-06-18Application of Blockchain Technology for ISA95-Compliant Traditional and Smart Manufacturing Systems
2021-06-18Longing to belong : deaf and hard of hearing young adults’ social interaction, social relationships, and identity
2021-06-18Producing the Public : Architecture, Urban Planning, and Immigration in a Swedish Town, 1965 to the Present

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