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2020-06-05Incentivising Innovation in the Swedish Construction Industry
2020-06-04Upper Secondary School Student Engagement and Disengagement in Blended Learning
2020-06-03Life situation in patients and their family members after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation : aspects of health and support in different care settings
2020-06-03A User-Friendly Approach for Applying Multi-Agent Technology in Plug & Produce Systems
2020-06-03Living with haemodialysis close to death-patients* and close relatives* experiences
2020-06-03Women’s experiences and reactions when a fetal malformation is detected by ultrasound examination
2020-06-03MRSA and other resistant bacteria : prevalence, patient and staff experiences, wounds and infection control
2020-06-02Wide Range Isolated Power Converters
2020-05-30Model Developments to Study Some Aspects of Improving Efficiencies in EAF Plants
2020-05-29A numerical investigation of the Winter-Kennedy method with application to axial turbines
2020-05-29Behavior change intervention and fear of hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes
2020-05-29Health Promotion in diabetes care : Studies on adult type 1 diabetes patients
2020-05-29Radiotherapy and IDO-inhibition for Glioblastoma
2020-05-29Proton conducting ionic liquids-Binary mixtures and structural modifications
2020-05-27A functional approach to heterogeneous computing in embedded systems
2020-05-27Systematic Analysis of Engineering Change Request Data - Applying Data Mining Tools to Gain New Fact-Based Insights
2020-05-26Meniscus tear; Knee arthroscopy; clinical practice and sick leave
2020-05-22Strategic communication at the organizational frontline : Towards a better understanding of employees as communicators
2020-05-22Source analysis of multiplet earthquakes (two case studies in Iran)
2020-05-21Molecular and Spatial Profiling of Prostate Tumors

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