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2021-04-13Playing at Work : Organizational Play as a Facilitator of Creativity
2021-04-13Contact Space: Shanghai : The Chinese Dream and the Production of a New Society
2021-04-13Full-Scale Modelling and Simulation of Bucket Filling and Wear for Mining Rope Shovels
2021-04-13Street Artivism on Athenian Walls : A cognitive semiotic analysis of metaphor and narrative in street art
2021-04-13The importance of personality, IQ and learning approaches : Predicting academic performance
2021-04-13Cell and organoid models to develop new antivirals and diagnostic methods for emerging viruses
2021-04-13The Psychology of Worldviews : Toward a Non-Reductive Science of Personality
2021-04-13Improving endometrial carcinoma diagnostics
2021-04-13Mediatized tourism : The convergence of media and tourism performances
2021-04-13Regulation of G2 phase and long-term consequences of DNA damage
2021-04-13Depressive Personality Disorder : Construct, measurement, clinical correlates, and treatment outcome
2021-04-13Decision-making in health issues : Teenagers* use of science and other discourses
2021-04-13Altering the Point of You : Perspectives on Intersubjectivity and Metacognition
2021-04-13Prior Knowledge and Recognition Memory : a Computational Modeling Approach
2021-04-13Decentralization in energy systems - Low-carbon technologies and sector coupling on the household, community and city scales
2021-04-13Uncertain Futures : Adaptive capacities to climate variability and change in the Lake Victoria Basin
2021-04-13Degenerative changes of the human temporomandibular joint : A radiological, microscopical, histomorphometrical and biochemical study
2021-04-13Method development for [11C]carbon monoxide radiochemistry
2021-04-13Genetic Identification of Corkwing Wrasse Cleaner Fish Escaping from Norwegian Aquaculture
2021-04-13Excess pore water pressure generation in fine granular materials and migration of particles under cyclic loading-A laboratory study

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