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2021-01-13Doing informal care : Identity, couplehood, social health and information and communication technologies in older people’s everyday lives
2021-01-09Minimum Power Losses Based Optimal Power Flow for Iraqi National Super Grid (INSG) and its Effect on Transient Stability
2021-01-09Boards of directors in family firms : Their functions and borders
2021-01-07The health of the children in relation to paternal age, cancer, and medication
2020-12-30Approximation and Compression Techniques to Enhance Performance of Graphics Processing Units
2020-12-30Functional outcome and experiences concerning daily life after malunion of the distal radius and corrective osteotomy
2020-12-30Advancing Evolutionary Biology: Genomics, Bayesian Statistics, and Machine Learning
2020-12-30Assessment of Pulmonary Blood Flow in Heart Failure. Using Novel and Non-Invasive Diagnostic Methods
2020-12-30Transcriptomic and functional studies of fusion oncogene-driven salivary gland tumors
2020-12-26Assessment of Pulmonary Blood Flow in Heart Failure. Using Novel and Non-invasive Diagnostic Methods
2020-12-24Advanced Methods for Evaluation of the Performance of Complex Drug Delivery System
2020-12-23Simple Models for Complex Nonequilibrium Problems in Nanoscale Friction and Network Dynamics
2020-12-23Heme-copper oxidases and nitric oxide : Reaction mechanisms and supercomplex formation
2020-12-22Aetiologies and Epidemiology of Subdural Haematoma in Infancy
2020-12-16Lipidic Cubic Phase Microcrystallization and its Application in Serial Crystallography
2020-12-16Hip range of motion and the prevalence of cam morphology in young athletes - clinical and radiological studies
2020-12-16Comprehensive numerical analysis of stress state in adhesive layer of joint including thermal residual stress and material non-linearity
2020-12-16Processability of Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Alloy 247LC : Influence of process parameters on microstructure and defects
2020-12-16Cam morphology of femoroacetabular impingement syndrome - Clinical, radiological and follow-up studies
2020-12-04The Biophysics of Na+,K+-ATPase in neuronal health and disease

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