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2019-10-15Licence to drive the importance of reliability for the validity of the Swedish driving licence test
2019-10-15Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype - Implications for vascular disease states
2019-10-15Scalable Analysis of Large Datasets in Life Sciences
2019-10-13CT Guided Ablation of T1 Renal Tumors
2019-10-10Synchronous and Concurrent Transmissions for Consensus in Low-Power Wireless
2019-10-09Shoulder injuries in adolescent elit handball players
2019-10-09Statistical inference with deep latent variable models
2019-10-04Field Measurements for Verification of the Impact of Renovation and Maintenance Measures on Buildings : - regarding Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environment and Moisture Safety
2019-10-03A passage to wastewater nutrient recovery units Microalgal-Bacterial bioreactors
2019-10-03Mobilising care Ecuadorian families and transnational lives between Ecuador and Spain
2019-10-02Health promotion for adults with intellectual disabilities: Evaluation of a multi-component intervention in community residences
2019-10-02Impact of psychosocial characteristics in neck and low back pain : Long-term outcome and prognosis concerning sick leave
2019-10-02Participation in everyday occupations and life satisfaction in the stroke-caregiver dyad
2019-10-02Evidence and context : knowledge translation for newborn health in low-income settings
2019-10-02Inhibition of mPGES-1 as therapeutic strategy in inflammation and cancer
2019-10-02Studies on Myocardial Regeneration
2019-10-02Developing working conditions
2019-10-02Genetic and epigenetic factors shaping the transcriptome in multiple sclerosis and its animal model
2019-10-02Development and Training of Higher Order Cognitive Functions and their Interrelations
2019-10-02Locus specific DNA methylation in human immunological responses

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