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2020-02-27The interaction between carbon and nitrogen during litter decomposition
2020-02-27Boosting potato defence against late blight : a study from field to molecule
2020-02-27Interception and storage of wet deposited radionuclides in crops : field experiments and modelling
2020-02-27Dieback of Fraxinus excelsior : biology of ash dieback and genetic variation of the fungus Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus
2020-02-27From experiences of the outdoors to the design of healthcare environments. : a phenomenological case study at nursing homes
2020-02-27Forest restoration guided by an umbrella species : will measures to protect the white-backed woodpecker benefit saproxylic beetles?
2020-02-27Integrating food production and biodiversity : energy and scale issues in implementation
2020-02-27Habitat use in fish communities : size- and environment-dependent mechanisms affecting biotic interactions and population regulation
2020-02-27Habitat selection and indirect interactions in fish communities : mechanisms to explain spatial distribution of perch, roach, and vendace
2020-02-27Genomic divergence in differentially adapted wild and domesticated barley
2020-02-27Preference cloud theory : modelling imprecise preferences and a new theory for decision under risk
2020-02-27The importance of tree cover for water resources in semiarid West Africa
2020-02-27Dieback of Fraxinus excelsior in the Baltic Sea Region : associated fungi, their pathogenicity and implications for silviculture
2020-02-27Quantifying ecological resilience in lakes – bridging theory and management
2020-02-27Low virulent respiratory viruses in standardbred trotters : relationship to health and athletic performance
2020-02-27Managerial perceptions of the cultural distance basis for internationalization decisions by firms : implications for *low-tech* industries
2020-02-27Silviculture of oak for high-quality wood production : effects of thinning on crown size, volume growth and stem quality in even-aged stands of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) in Northern Europe
2020-02-27Nitrogen use efficiency and related functional traits in wheat : influence of genotype and environment
2020-02-27Dietary fatty acids increase the absorption of toxic substances and drugs by modifying different absorption pathways in the intestinal epithelium
2020-02-27*O neighbour, where art thou?* : spatial and social dynamics in wolverine and lynx, from individual space use to population distribution

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