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2024-04-18Assessing and minimizing risk of patients with aortic disease
2024-04-18Neocortical interpretation of haptic and visual events across brain states: Electrophysiological investigations in sensory information processing
2024-04-18Spatiotemporal Profiling of Human Development Using Multiplexed Imaging
2024-04-18Ultrasonic testing of components produced with additive manufacturing : Towards improved detection and classification of defects
2024-04-18Thermal processing of milk: Effects on nutrient content and physical properties
2024-04-18Optimization of Aircraft Arrival Operations for Improved Environmental Efficiency
2024-04-18Floodplain remediation in agricultural streams : improved process understanding for reduced eutrophication
2024-04-18Channel Estimation Aspects of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
2024-04-18Incumbent Renomination : Accountability and Gender Bias
2024-04-18Towards 5G-Enabled Intelligent Machines
2024-04-18Bridging Local Constraints and Global Priorities : The Shaping of Swedish Biogas Markets
2024-04-18Gaze Following in Infancy : Mechanisms and Developmental Context
2024-04-18Exploring a role in erythropoiesis for red blood cell proteins recently established as blood group carriers
2024-04-18*We don*t use the word race* : Boundaries of in-group membership in Sweden
2024-04-17Injury Prevention in Youth Male and Female Floorball Players : Effects, Compliance, and Experiences of the Knee Control Programme
2024-04-17Exploring Auditory Attention Using EEG
2024-04-17Toward Enabling Robotic Visual Perception for Assembly Tasks
2024-04-17Tableting performance of dry granulated particles : Significance and assessment of compression mechanical properties
2024-04-17Data-driven Train Delay Prediction
2024-04-17Mitigating Off-Gassing and Self-Heating in Fuel Wood Pellets Storage : A Raw Materials Selection and Pre-Treatment Centred Approach

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