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2021-05-06Integrating Latent Heat Storage into Residential Heating Systems : A study from material and component characterization to system analysis
2021-05-06Engineered ion-bombardment as a tool in thin film deposition
2021-05-06Implication of pellet quality on combustion performance
2021-05-06Towards optical diagnostics and control in aerotaxy semiconductor nanowire growth
2021-05-06Quantitative Studies on Pricing and Consumer Behavior
2021-05-06Robust Platforms for Superconductivity : Disorder Robustness and Topological Density of States Peaks
2021-05-06Particle Characterization in the Exhaust Devices of Direct Injection Engines
2021-05-06State-of-the-art Integrated Refrigeration Systems in Supermarkets : An Energy Efficiency Evaluation Based on Field Measurements Analysis and Computer Simulations
2021-05-06Mitigation of Pressure Pulsations in Francis Turbine Draft Tube with a GuideVane System : A Numerical Investigation
2021-05-06Translational studies of syndecan-1 as angiogenesis inhibitor : from basic research to clinical applications
2021-05-06Learning visual perception for autonomous systems
2021-05-06Health status and academic performance in offspring of central nervous system tumor survivors
2021-05-06Transcriptional Regulation of the Platelet-Derived Growth Factor beta-receptor
2021-05-06Unequal tracks? Studies on work, retirement and health
2021-05-06Unresolved Controversies in Child Pneumonia in low and middle income Countries
2021-05-06A Comparative Investigation of Gear Performance BetweenWrought and Sintered Powder Metallurgical Steel : Utilizing In-situ Surface Profile Measurements to Investigate theInitiation and Evolution of Micropitting and Pitting Damage
2021-05-06Air-gap spinning of lignin-cellulose fibers
2021-05-05Fate of Trace Elements in Thermochemical Conversion of Waste Fuels Using Oxygen Carriers
2021-05-05Fat-Referenced MRI : Quantitative MRI for Tissue Characterization and Volume Measurement
2021-05-05Fundamental Characterization of Low Dimensional Carbon Nanomaterials for 3D Electronics Packaging

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