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2022-07-02Agent-based Transport Models as a Tool for Evaluating Mobility
2022-07-02Automated CNN pipeline generation for heterogeneous architectures
2022-07-02Crack growth paths in rolling contact fatigue — Numerical predictions
2022-07-02Three-wave mixing in Josephson travelling-wave parametric amplifiers
2022-07-02Organizing Timebased Distribution in Transnational Corporations : Interaction Between Logistics and Organizational Structures
2022-07-02Interactions Between Water and Cellulose Esters
2022-07-02Stone Age Companions: Humans and animals in hunter-gatherer burials in north-eastern Europe
2022-07-02Patient and relative perspective regarding quality in hospital care for older people : Theory and Methods
2022-07-02Applying quantum approximate optimization to the heterogeneous vehicle routing problem
2022-07-02Indirect Exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights By Corporations and Investors: IP Privateering & Modern Letters of Marque & Reprisal
2022-07-02Loop : Leadership and Organization of Integration in Product Development
2022-07-02Flow Maldistribution in Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems - Numerical Simulations
2022-07-02Towards a Model of Lean Freight Transport Operations
2022-07-02Third Party Logistics : Outsourcing Logistics in Partnerships
2022-07-02Offset Management for Large Systems : A Multibusiness Marketing Activity
2022-07-01Wirelessly Powered Communications: From Signal Optimization to Antenna Design
2022-07-01All-organic aqueous Na-ion energy storage devices
2022-07-01Towards Multiple Embeddings for Multivariate Network Analysis
2022-06-30Managing uncertainties through efficient calculation of transients and harmonic propagation in power systems
2022-06-30Low temperature CO oxidation over Pt/CeO2

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