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2022-01-16Nanoconfined imidazolium ionic liquids
2022-01-16Thermo-physical properties of CO2 mixtures and their impacts on cryogenic carbon capture processes
2022-01-16Dialogue Lost? Teaching Musical Interpretation of Western Classical Music in Higher Education
2022-01-16Modeling and Control for Emission Management in Hybrid Electric Commercial Vehicles
2022-01-16Volterra Modeling and Estimation of the Human Smooth Pursuit
2022-01-16Principled Flow Tracking in IoT and Low-Level Applications
2022-01-15Hiding from intracellular pattern recognition receptors, a passive strategy of flavivirus immune evasion
2022-01-15Consumer preference for combinations of wine and blue mould cheese influenced by eating and drinking attitudes
2022-01-15Geometric and electronic structure of methane adsorbed on a Pt surface
2022-01-15Ethylene on Cu(110) and Ni(110) : Electronic structure and bonding derived from x-ray spectroscopy and theory
2022-01-15Service and device discovery of nodes in a wireless sensor network
2022-01-15Dendritic Structures Based on Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic Acid as Platforms for Surface Reactions
2022-01-15Meta-analysis reveals top-down processes are as strong as bottom-up effects in North Atlantic coastal food webs
2022-01-15Echocardiographic and electrocardiographic identification of those children with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy who should be considered at high-risk of dying suddenly
2022-01-15Immediate Occlusal Loading of NanoTiteā„¢ Tapered Implants: A Prospective 1-Year Clinical and Radiographic Study
2022-01-15Schizophrenia and Relationships :The Effect of Mental Illness on Sexuality
2022-01-15Family burden and relatives* participation in psychiatric care : are the patient*s diagnosis and the relation to the patient of importance?
2022-01-15Family-Based Psycho-education : A Model Outmoded In Psychiatric Services Today?
2022-01-15Teaching, Learning and Governance in Science Education and Physical Education: A Comparative Approach
2022-01-15Practical Epistemology Analysis: Learning and the Interplay between Experience and Situated Action

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