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2021-10-16Improving Thermoelectric Properties of Inorganic Clathrates by Atomic and Microscale Structure Engineering
2021-10-16Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy: Development of Efficient Data Acquisition and Analyses of Quantum Dot 2D Spectra
2021-10-16Gene regulation in normal and malignant B-lineage cells
2021-10-16Disarming bacteria : a structure-based approach to design an anti-virulence drug against Listeria monocytogenes
2021-10-16Analysis of antibodies to cartilage oligomeric matrix protein in rheumatoid arthritis and in mouse models
2021-10-16Robotic in-line quality inspection for changeable zero defect manufacturing
2021-10-16Cavitation Erosion Mechanisms in Cast Irons
2021-10-15Regulation of artemisinin biosynthesis in Artemisia annua L
2021-10-15Growth of Wide-Band Gap AlN and (SiC)x(AlN)1-x Thin Films by Reactive Magnetron Sputter Deposition
2021-10-15Integrating Ergonomics in Maintainability Design Process
2021-10-15Automated System-Level Software Testing of Industrial Networked Embedded Systems
2021-10-15Collision-free path coordination and cycle time optimization of industrial robot cells
2021-10-15Efficient mineral liberation – Multidimensional investigation of mechanical stress and ore texture
2021-10-15Effects of loading mechanisms and texture on ore breakage – A multidimensional study
2021-10-15Multi-sightline neutron emission spectroscopy of D and T fusion plasmas at JET
2021-10-15Monitoring Single Tooth Cutting Forces in Wood Bandsawing
2021-10-15Primary hyperparathyroidism : nonclassical symptoms and benefits from parathyroidectomy
2021-10-15Children helping children? : Values and concerns in corporate charity
2021-10-15Breast Cancer Biomarkers with Clinical Relevance Identified by Massively-parallel DNA and RNA Sequencing

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