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2020-10-24Designing for Transformational Change in School - Digitalizing the Digitized
2020-10-21Faster and More Resource-Efficient Intent Classification
2020-10-21Perturbed Markov Chains with Damping Component and Information Networks
2020-10-20On the development of a new digitalised maintenance approach for factories of the future
2020-10-20Data Mining Approaches for Outlier Detection Analysis
2020-10-16Holonomy in Quantum Information Geometry
2020-10-14Dimensions of Professionalism : A Study of Computer Science Teaching in Saudi Arabia
2020-10-13Biting and chewing behaviours in humans : development and age-related changes
2020-10-09Fatigue life extension in existing steel bridges. High-Frequency Mechanical Impact treatment and Tungsten Inert Gas remelting in life extension and fatigue crack repair of welded steel structures
2020-10-08Realizing Emergent Configurations in the Internet of Things
2020-10-06Antimicrobial peptides in innate immunity : interactions with antibiotics and effects of post-translational modifications
2020-10-06Methods for Capacity Allocation in Deregulated Railway Markets
2020-10-03Lead exposure in indigenous children of the Peruvian Amazon : seeking the hidden source,venturing into participatory research
2020-10-03Materialising Modern Cemeteries : Archaeological narratives of Assistens cemetery, Copenhagen
2020-10-03Permanent hair dyes. Exposure, diagnostics, and prevention of contact allergy
2020-10-03Wafer-scale Vacuum and Liquid Packaging Concepts for an Optical Thin-film Gas Sensor
2020-10-03Different Voices - Different Stories : Communication, identity and meaning among people with acquired brain damage
2020-10-03Time flies in primary care : a study on time utilisation and perceived psychosocial work environment
2020-10-03Frequency Dependent Matrices for Dynamic Analysis of Frame Type Structures
2020-10-03Nanostructured Cellulose Biocomposites : Effects from dispersion, network and interface

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