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2019-09-18Diffuse emissions from goods influences on some societal end products
2019-09-18Phage–derived Endolysins as Potential Antibacterials : A Study of Peptidoglycan Hydrolase and Mycolylarabinogalactan Esterase Enzymes
2019-09-17Simplifying LCA use in the life cycle of residential buildings in Sweden
2019-09-14Ambiguous Hopes : An Ethnographic Study of Agricultural Modernisation in a Rwandan village
2019-09-14Eutectic Modification of Al-Si casting alloys
2019-09-12Intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms for B-cell lymphoma development and progression studied by global gene expression profiling
2019-09-12Statistical inference and time-frequency estimation for non-stationary signal classification
2019-09-11Core-collapse Supernovae Theory vs. Observations
2019-09-10Multiple sclerosis : from genetic variants to biomarkers
2019-09-10Landscapes of Dispossession : The Production of Space in Northern Tanintharyi, Myanmar
2019-09-10Challenges of transnational parenthood Exploring different perspectives of surrogacy in Sweden and India
2019-09-07Massive MIMO From a Terminal Perspective
2019-09-07Landscapes of Dispossession: The Production of Space in Northern Tanintharyi, Myanmar
2019-09-06Macro-social stressors, perceived stress, psychiatric symptoms, and self-esteem in adolescents and the feasibility of an internet-based mindfulness intervention
2019-09-06Angiogenetic and hereditary factors in endometrial disease
2019-09-06Molecular determinants of disease severity in urinary tract infection
2019-09-06Soil Modification by adding small amounts of binders A laboratory study
2019-09-04Negotiating Involuntary Resettlement A study of local bargaining during the construction of the Zimapán dam
2019-09-03The Design Platform Approach –Enabling platform-based development in the engineer-to-order industry
2019-08-31Can improved paediatric pneumonia diagnostic aids support frontline health workers in low resource settings? : large scale evaluation of four respiratory rate timers and five pulse oximeters in Cambodia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda

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