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2022-09-24Squat Detection in Railway Switches & Crossings Using Point Machine Vibration
2022-09-24On Optimization-Based Falsification of Cyber-Physical Systems
2022-09-24Digital Twins : High Resolution Disease Models for Optimized Diagnosis and Treatment
2022-09-24A covariance structure analysis approach to the errors-in-variables estimation problem
2022-09-24Exploring localisation of the Sustainable Development Goals : Focusing on municipal organisations in a Swedish context
2022-09-24On stability of vortices and vorticity generated by actuator lines
2022-09-24Transitional flow in ordered porous media
2022-09-24Multi-omics investigation into bacterial evolution
2022-09-24Novel approaches to the environments and ecosystems of the fish-tetrapod transition
2022-09-24On Complexity Certification of Active-Set QP Methods with Applications to Linear MPC
2022-09-23Information-theoretic Privacy and Secrecy in Biometric Identification and Authentication
2022-09-23Digital Twins for Asset Management of Structures
2022-09-23International Branding and Rebranding in Cross-Border Acquisitions
2022-09-23Numerical Investigation of Radial Turbines Subject to Pulsating Flow
2022-09-23Elucidating the molecular basis of Na+/H+ exchange
2022-09-23Optical Functionalization of Transparent Wood Biocomposites
2022-09-23Regional public transport : The balancing act of service planning
2022-09-23VCSEL Equivalent Circuits and Silicon Photonics Integration
2022-09-23Hopeful monsters: The role of hybrids in adaptation : The impact of hybridisation and genetic diversity on adaptation to stressful and novel environments
2022-09-23ɸ‑sensitivity - A step forward in future fuels evaluation : ɸ‑sensitivity - A step forward in future fuels evaluation

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