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2018-12-09Locus specific DNA methylation in human immunological responses
2018-12-09Towards Emergent Configurations in the Internet of Things
2018-12-09Investigating mechanisms of angiogenesis in health and disease using zebrafish models
2018-12-08Fatigue Properties of Additively Manufactured Alloy 718
2018-12-07Data Modeling for Outlier Detection
2018-12-02Buffer Related Dispersive Effects in Microwave GaN HEMTs
2018-12-02Product Lifecycle Management – Architectural and Organisational Perspectives
2018-12-02Management of Mechatronic Product Data in PLM Systems
2018-12-02Methods for Characterisation of Pressing Die Surfaces
2018-12-02Characterisation of Functional Pressing Die Surfaces
2018-12-02Interactive Textile Structures Creating Multifunctional Textiles based on Smart Materials
2018-12-02Operational strategies to control the gas composition in dual fluidized bed biomass gasifiers
2018-12-02Development and evaluation of methods for control of multiple-input multiple output systems
2018-12-02A Principled Approach to Securing IoT Apps
2018-12-02Towards a framework for enabling sustainable production systems: a life-cycle perspective
2018-12-02Photonic THz Generation and Quasioptical Integration for Imaging Applications
2018-12-02Photonic terahertz-wave generation, radiation and quasioptical integration
2018-12-02In-Nozzle Flow and Primary Breakup Investigations of Marine Two-Stroke Diesel Engine Injectors
2018-12-02Design and Optimization of HF Transformers for High Power DC-DC Applications

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