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2020-03-31Quantum information processing with tunable and low-loss superconducting circuits
2020-03-31Miscarriage women’s experience and its cumulative incidence
2020-03-31Self-sampling for HPV testing in primary cervical screening Including clinical and health economic aspects
2020-03-27Evidential marking in spoken English Linguistic functions and gender variation
2020-03-27Born in fire, borne by air : Source attribution and physicochemical characterization of ship and ambient aerosols in the Baltic region
2020-03-27Molecular Approaches to Explore Drug-Target Interactions
2020-03-26Talking violence, constructing identities young men in institutional care
2020-03-25Synthesis and Characterization of Some Nanostructured Materials for Visible Light-driven Photo Processes
2020-03-24Active workstations a NEAT way to prevent and treat overweight and obesity?
2020-03-14Student views of environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development and their interconnectedness A search for the holistic perspective in education for sustainable development
2020-03-14On Mechanisms Modulating Pulmonary Innate Immunity and Tissue Injury
2020-03-13Methods for improving performance of process planning for CNC machining - An approach based on surveys and analytical models
2020-03-07Elucidating the role of DNA damage and human cytomegalovirus in medulloblastoma and glioblastoma
2020-03-07A mobile app for self-management of urinary incontinence treatment effect and user experience
2020-03-05Awareness of fetal movements and pregnancy outcomes
2020-03-04Detection and classification of sea ice from spaceborne multi-frequency synthetic aperture radar imagery and radar altimetry
2020-03-01Rethinking Dynamic Instruction Scheduling and Retirement for Efficient Microarchitectures
2020-02-29Development of novel synthetic lung surfactants for treatment of respiratory distress syndrome
2020-02-29Estrogen Receptor Expression in Relation to Pain Modulation and Transmission: Experimental Studies in Rats
2020-02-29Management and Outcome in Non ST-Elevation Acute Coronary Syndromes Similarities and Differences Between Women and Men

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