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2021-07-28Experimental evaluation of renewable drop-in fuel blends for compression ignition engines
2021-07-28Chronic inflammatory bowel diseases - studies of microbiota and its influence
2021-07-24Local Conditions for Long Cycles in Graphs
2021-07-23Identification of young people at risk of sexual ill health : implementing a new tool in youth clinics
2021-07-23Cryptographic Tools for Privacy Preservation
2021-07-23Digital support for people with cognitive impairment : An intervention to increase the occupational performance in everyday life
2021-07-22Systems Biology of Protein Secretion in Human Cells: Multi-omics Analysis and Modeling of the Protein Secretion Process in Human Cells and its Application
2021-07-22Learning Representations for Segmentation and Registration
2021-07-22Improved statistical methodology for high-throughput omics data analysis
2021-07-21Digital Transformation of the Legal Field - A Bubble in Trouble
2021-07-14Migration and social protection in European welfare states: Cui bono?
2021-07-133D nano-tomography using coherent X-rays
2021-07-09Gas Sensing Based on Ellipsometric Readout Methodology and Development
2021-07-09Interaction between Energy Systems of Buildings and Utilities in an ever-changing Environment
2021-07-08Early Treatment of Class Ii Malocclusion With Excessive Overjet : Evaluating oral health-related quality of life, randomised controlled trials on headgear activator treatment and costs
2021-07-07Open Government Data as a Reform and Ecosystem : A conceptual framework for evolution and health
2021-07-06Grid frequency stability from a hydropower perspective
2021-07-03Health and welfare among Thai migrant women in Sweden : Lived experiences of marriages migration
2021-07-02On Experimentation in Software-Intensive Systems
2021-07-01Being who one wants : constructing participation within discourses of (dis)ability

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