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2022-01-29Development and validation of FEM models for wiredrawing
2022-01-29Work identity at stake : The power of sexual abuse stories in the world of compulsory youth care
2022-01-29The Focus Group Method as an In-depth Method? : Young Women Talking About Sexuality
2022-01-29The focus group interview as an in-depth method : Young women talking about sexuality
2022-01-29‘Do you want to do some arm wrestling?’: children*s strategies when experiencing domestic violence and the meaning of age
2022-01-29Children’s actions when experiencing domestic violence
2022-01-29Behavioral and neuroendocrine correlates of selection for stress responsiveness in rainbow trout - a review
2022-01-29Regional development in the northern periphery of Sweden : a failure?
2022-01-29Orbital rehybridization in n-octane adsorbed on Cu(110)
2022-01-29Demo Abstract: Smart Antennas Made Practical: The SPIDA Way
2022-01-29Culinary networks and rural tourism development – constructing the local through everyday practices
2022-01-29Modeling of Industrial Robot for Identification, Monitoring and Control
2022-01-29Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: do sudden death prevention strategies in children differ between Europe and North America?
2022-01-29Ten Years Later. Results from a Prospective Single-Centre Clinical Study on 121 Oxidized (TiUnite™) Brånemark Implants in 46 Patients
2022-01-29Provisional implants : a clinical prospective study in 45 patients, from implant placement to delivery of the final bridge
2022-01-29Stigma by association: Psychological factors in relatives of people with mental illness
2022-01-29Low satisfaction with sex life in persons with severe mental illness living in the community
2022-01-29Low satisfaction with sex life among people with severe mental illness living in a community
2022-01-29). University students during practical work: can we make the learning process intelligible? Kiel
2022-01-29Toward understanding the production of meaning in science education. Introduction to the theme (Mot en ny didaktikk - naturorienterte emner)

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