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2020-11-28Antibiotic resistance and pathogenesis of Streptococci with focus on Group A Streptococci
2020-11-27Novelty in social-ecological systems: understanding the past to plan the future
2020-11-27Moral Lessons from Psychology : Contemporary Themes in Psychological Research and their Relevance for Ethical Theory
2020-11-27The epidemiology of cardiac arrest - In-hospital risk assessment, treatment and outcome
2020-11-27Ghostlines: Movements, Anticipations, and Drawings of the LAPSSET Development Corridor in Kenya
2020-11-25Selfish Dynamic Spectrum Access in Multichannel Wireless Networks : Complete and incomplete information analysis
2020-11-25Typical and atypical language development in Turkish-Swedish bilingual children aged 4–7
2020-11-25The fibrous zeolite "erionite" : medical importance and experimental findings and some studies on immunological effects of mineral fibres
2020-11-25Class-E Power Amplifiers for Pulsed Transmitters
2020-11-25Advanced Transmitter Architectures Based on Switch Mode Power Amplifiers
2020-11-25Analysis of Cellular and Cell-Free Massive MIMO with Rician Fading
2020-11-25Labor market and educational outcomes of students with immigrant background- A closer look at host country schooling, identity and home language
2020-11-25Genomic and functional analysis of microRNAs and PIWI-interacting RNAs in human cancers
2020-11-25Nanofluidics for Static and Dynamic DNA-Protein Interaction Studies - Repair of Double-Strand Breaks from a Single-Molecule Perspective
2020-11-25Girls on the Verge of Exploding? : Voices on Sexual Abuse, Agency and Sexuality at a Youth Detention Home
2020-11-25Behavioural and Neuroendocrine Effects of Stress in Salmonid Fish
2020-11-25Seed production and natural regeneration of beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in southern Sweden
2020-11-25Formal specification of object-oriented modelling concepts
2020-11-25Conflict and concord in work and family : Family policies and individuals* subjective experiences
2020-11-25Tonsil Surgery - Register Studies of Complications and Outcomes

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