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2023-06-06Mechanisms regulating Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity
2023-06-06Unplanned managerial work : A driver for knowledge creation and innovation capabilities in manufacturing SMEs
2023-06-06Brain reactivity in leading and following, and the SSP in Japanese : A minimal model of rhythm tapping for leading and following showing temporal and insular reactivity, and a Swedish to Japanese translation of an inventory to assess personality factors f
2023-06-06Microscopic Theory of Charge Complexes in Atomically-Thin Materials
2023-06-06Clinical and translational perspectives on interventions and therapies in lung transplantation
2023-06-06"I*m calling for hope, comfort and maybe some advice..." : Interaction and caller satisfaction in telenursing
2023-06-06High-order finite element methods for incompressible variable density flow
2023-06-06Perspectives of Deep Learning for Neonatal Sepsis Detection
2023-06-06Slurry Hydrotreatment of Biomass Materials over Metal Sulfide-based Supported and Unsupported Catalysts
2023-06-06Development of techniques to determine extracellular matrix alterations in acute and chronic lung diseases and bioengineered tissues
2023-06-06Theranostic Targeting of GRPR and PSMA in Prostate Cancer
2023-06-03Sample preparation effect on measured rheological properties of bitumen using Dynamic Shear Rheometer
2023-06-03From endothelial cells to the vascular network : How cell migration and proliferation are orchestrated to build lymphatic vessels
2023-06-03New Approaches for Daphnia magna Toxicity Assessment
2023-06-03Green roof vegetation and storm water runoff quantity - Effects of plant traits, diversity and life strategies
2023-06-03Fixed and fluid : Negotiating genre metastability in instructional practice
2023-06-03Fetal programming and parent-of-origin effects of type 2 diabetes and insulin secretion
2023-06-03On voltage fluctuations in low voltage grids – characterization, propagation and impact on LED lamps
2023-06-03Enhancement of few-cycle light fields for relativistic nanophotonics
2023-06-02Linking Probability Theory and Quantum Mechanics, and a Novel Formulation of Quantization

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