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2023-05-27The Government Used to Hide the Truth, But Now We Can Speak : Contemporary Esotericism in Ukraine 1986–2014
2023-05-27Cross-Processing Fish Co-Products with Plant Food Side Streams or Seaweeds Using the pH-Shift Method - a new sustainable route to functional food protein ingredients stable towards lipid oxidation
2023-05-27Selected Functionalities for Autonomous Intelligent Systems in Public Safety Scenarios
2023-05-27Tame representations in Topological Data Analysis: decompositions, invariants and metrics
2023-05-27Chemical Transformation of Inorganic Species in Thermochemical Conversion of Waste-Derived Fuels - The Role of Oxygen Carriers
2023-05-27On Complexity Certification of Branch-and-Bound Methods for MILP and MIQP with Applications to Hybrid MPC
2023-05-27Revisiting dental caries as an immunodeficiency disorder
2023-05-27Clinical investigation and application of Artificial Intelligence in diagnosis and prognosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck
2023-05-27The weakest link : Governing the risk of floods and dam failure in Sweden
2023-05-27Groundwater defluoridation by natural minerals : Understanding the process of fluoride removal in Tanzania
2023-05-27Intelligent data acquisition for drug design through combinatorial library design
2023-05-27Statistical Learning in Linearly Structured Systems: Identification, Control, and Reinforcement Learning
2023-05-27Evaluation of patients with low-risk pulmonary embolism
2023-05-27Injurious falls in older adults : early identification of individuals at risk of falls—from observational studies to implementation
2023-05-27Towards Individualized Drug Dosage : General Methods and Case Studies
2023-05-27Law Enforcement Large-Scale IT Systems in EU Internal Security and Migration Policies
2023-05-26Investigating the Feasibility of using Scandinavian Agricultural Side Streams for the Development of Novel High-Moisture Meat Analogues
2023-05-26Decarbonising the StainlessSteelmaking through Alloy Solutions
2023-05-26Fundamentals and applications of microplasma sources : Actuating, Sensing, and Nonlinearly Approximating
2023-05-26Shapes of pipes

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