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2022-12-03Recovery from Breast Cancer : Investigating the role of resilience in breast cancer survivorship
2022-12-03Processing coordinated verb phrases : the relevance of lexical-semantic, conceptual, and contextual information towards establishing verbal parallelism
2022-12-03Decision Support for Emergency Response to Multiple Natural Hazards : CHALLENGES AND NEEDS
2022-12-03Effects of exercise in different phases after stroke
2022-12-03Webs of World Order : A Relational Theory of Rising Powers and the Evolution of International Order
2022-12-03Monitoring Health Problems and Training to Support Performance in Competitive Cross-Country Ski Athletes
2022-12-03Fault Detection in Wastewater Treatment : Process Supervision to Improve Wastewater Reuse
2022-12-03Exploring *couplehood* in dementia : A constructivist grounded theory study
2022-12-03Assessment of Respiratory Variations in Atrial Fibrillatory Waves
2022-12-02Shaping the Meaning of Chinese Music Subcultures
2022-12-02In Pursuit of Ideal Model Selection for High-Dimensional Linear Regression
2022-12-02Human monoclonal antibody technology. A tool to investigate human antibody repertoires
2022-12-02Wear behavior of Ti1-xAlxN-based coatings during turning
2022-12-02Information Thermodynamics and Fluctuations in Quantum Dots
2022-12-01Unravelling mechanisms of hematopoietic stem cell expansion
2022-12-01Late surgical complications of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
2022-12-01Wave propagation in graded material composites with extraordinary properties
2022-12-01Multidisciplinary Team Meetings in Cancer Care – function and participants* experiences
2022-12-01Metall organic vapour phase epitaxy for advanced III-V devices
2022-12-01A Comprehensive Experimental Approach to Multifunctional Quantum Materials and their Physical Properties : Geometry and Physics in Condensed Matter

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