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2019-07-06The Gulf Cooperation Council : Its Nature and Achievements
2019-07-06A Quest for Legitimacy : Debating UN Security Council Rules on Terrorism and Non-proliferation
2019-07-04Reframing and Resolving Conflict : Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations 1988-1998
2019-06-21Distributed Moving Base Driving Simulators Technology, Performance, and Requirements
2019-06-20Cell models for evaluation of adult and developmental neurotoxicity Focus on acrylamide
2019-06-19The raison d*ĂȘtre of diffusion intermediaries in solar and wind power in Sweden
2019-06-15Leveraging Existing Microarchitectural Structures to Improve First-Level Caching Efficiency
2019-06-13On the Evolving Friction of Layered Materials and the Prospect of Their Image Reconstruction
2019-06-13Investigating the potential of current and future neutrino detectors to identify the sources of the astrophysical neutrinos seen by IceCube
2019-06-08Development of Constituents for Multi-functional Composites Reinforced with Cellulosic Fibers
2019-06-07Blue copper proteins as bioelements for bioelectronic devices
2019-05-30On Motion Planning Using Numerical Optimal Control
2019-05-29A Collaborative Access Control Framework for Online Social Networks
2019-05-29Prevalence and Pharmacologic Treatment of Breathlessness in Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
2019-05-26Writing, reviewing, and revising Peer feedback in lower secondary EFL classrooms
2019-05-26Evaluating energy efficient buildings : Energy- and moisture performance considering future climate chang
2019-05-26Susceptibility to Acute Decompensated Heart Failure in Two Common Mouse Strains
2019-05-26Cell models for evaluation of adult and developmental neurotoxicity Focus on acryalmide
2019-05-26Modelling the system Cr-Fe-Ni-Te via the CALPHAD method, DFT and experiments for fast nuclear reactor applications
2019-05-26Reliable hp finite element computations of scattering resonances in nano optics

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