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2019-04-20Pathogenesis and Cell Biology of the Salmon Parasite Spironucleus salmonicida
2019-04-20User involvement in housing recovery : Cases from Haiyan affected areas in the Philippines
2019-04-20Engine Optimized Turbine Design
2019-04-20Measuring distal airspace dimensions with nanoparticles. Initial development of a diagnostic method
2019-04-18Ecology of parasitoids and their hosts in oilseed rape fields
2019-04-18Learning based segmentation and generation methods for handwritten document images
2019-04-17DESIREE: Instrumentation Developments and Hot Metal Cluster Decays
2019-04-17Radioactive fall-out from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in 1986 and cancer rates in Sweden, a 25-year follow up
2019-04-17Role of cholesterol metabolism in hepatic steatosis and glucose tolerance
2019-04-12Goal-directed fluid therapy during major abdominal surgery
2019-04-11Super resolution fluorescence imaging analyses, simulations and applications
2019-04-11Departure-Based Intrusion Detection
2019-04-11Numerical and experimental study of confluent jets supply device with variable airflow
2019-04-10Adherence to drug treatment and interpretation of treatment effects
2019-04-09Early diagenetic processes in Baltic sediments, with emphasis on the distribution of fallout plutonium
2019-04-09Byråkrati och reformism : en studie av svensk socialdemokratis politiska och sociala integrering fram till första världskriget
2019-04-09Improving the efficiency of entrained flow gasifiers by real time in-situ diagnostics and burner design
2019-04-09Uncertainties in chemical speciation calculations
2019-04-09PuO2 and Spent Nuclear Fuel Matrix Dissolution Under Repository Conditions
2019-04-09Improved Quality Assurance of Fatigue Loaded Structures - The Necessary Shift from Technology Focus towards Information Driven Weld Evaluation

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