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2022-08-13Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy for depression : Effects and experiences among patients with cardiovascular disease
2022-08-13Developing Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models for the Transition Towards Automated Driving
2022-08-13Innovating Innovation : Understanding the Role of Service Design in Service Innovation
2022-08-12Modeling and experiments of the non-transferred plasma torch
2022-08-12Peripheral blood biomarkers of cell-specific autoimmunity. Studies in children at increased risk for type 1 diabetes
2022-08-12Development and application of techniques for predicting and analysing phonon-derived materials properties
2022-08-10Explainable and Resource-Efficient Stream Processing Through Provenance and Scheduling
2022-08-10Educational inclusion for students with neurodevelopmental conditions
2022-08-09Hot-wall MOCVD of N-polar group-III nitride materials and high electron mobility transistor structures
2022-08-09Exposure to trichloramine, trihalomethanes and endotoxins : adverse respiratory and ocular effects among Swedish indoor swimming pool workers
2022-08-09Interactive Online Machine Learning
2022-08-09Multiparametric Optical Characterization of Biological Nanoparticles using Evanescent Field Sensing
2022-08-09Cultivating the Erratic: Architectural representation and materialisation after the digital turn
2022-08-09Nutritional Limitations of a Green Protein Shift with Focus on Iron
2022-08-09The Hypertemple in Mind : Experiencing Temple Space in Ezekiel, The Temple Scroll and Mishnah Middot
2022-08-09In Search of Quality Management : Rethinking and Reinterpreting
2022-08-09Securing the Next Generation Web
2022-08-09Innovating Innovation : Understanding the Role of Service Design in Service Innovation
2022-08-06Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixtures for Multiple Object Tracking
2022-08-06Register-based studies of infertility and the use of assisted reproductive techniques : possibilities and challenges

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