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2019-03-17Adults with cystic fibrosis : mental health and patient experiences of the CF treatment
2019-03-15Second generation of Glucose Biosensors : Biofuel cells and Neurotransitters
2019-03-14Asynchronous First-Order Algorithms for Large-Scale Optimization Analysis and Implementation
2019-03-13Micro-grids supplied by renewable energy Improving technical and social feasibility
2019-03-13Investigating subphotospheric dissipation in gamma-ray bursts by fitting a physical model
2019-03-10Complementary strategies to improve positive response and outcome in patients with advanced heart failure undergoing CRT therapy
2019-03-10A1M as a Radioprotector of the Kidneys
2019-03-09Neuroendocrine studies in patients with affective disorders
2019-03-09Semiconductor-ionic Materials for Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
2019-03-08Free charge carrier properties in group III nitrides and graphene studied by THz-to-MIR ellipsometry and optical Hall effect
2019-03-08Aseptic Loosening of Orthopedic Implants Osteoclastogenesis Regulation and Potential Therapeutics
2019-03-08Occupational exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and early biomarkers related to cardiovascular disease and cancer
2019-03-07Extremum Seeking Control Stability, Accuracy, and Applications
2019-03-07Hunting a Silent Killer. Biomolecular Approaches in Ovarian Cancer
2019-03-06Modelling Mechanics of Fibre Network using Discrete Element Method
2019-03-03Point of care microfluidic tool development for resource limited settings
2019-03-03Heart rate variability and pacemaker treatment in children with Fontan circulation
2019-03-03Non-image-forming effects of light Implications for the design of living and working environments
2019-03-02In silico analysis of microbial communities through constraint-based metabolic modelling
2019-03-01Large eddy simulation of combustion using linear-eddy subgrid modeling

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