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2023-02-08The spatial manifestation of inequality : residential segregation in Sweden and its causes
2023-02-08Quantifying the impact of winter warming on the Arctic carbon cycle
2023-02-08A tale of two FinTech solutions : Loyalty in mobile bank applications and initial trust in financial robo-advisors
2023-02-08Computational Models in Deep Brain Stimulation : Patient‐Specific Simulations, Tractography, and Group Analysis
2023-02-08The immune microenvironment in mantle cell lymphoma : Targeted liquid and spatial proteomic analyses
2023-02-08Realizing Low-Latency Packet Processing on Multi-Hundred-Gigabit-Per-Second Commodity Hardware : Exploit Caching to Improve Performance
2023-02-08Spacing Law and Politics : The constitution and representation of judicial places and juridical spaces in law, literature and political philosophy in works from Greek antiquity to the present
2023-02-08Transport of mineral dust into the Arctic : Evaluation of two reanalysis datasets of atmospheric composition
2023-02-07Resource efficient automatic segmentation of medical images
2023-02-07Combined Energy Systems Applied to Productive Sectors: The Case of Dairy Farms in Central Bolivia
2023-02-07Two tales of viking diversity : A comparative study of the immigrant integration policies of Denmark and Sweden, 1960-2006
2023-02-07Deciphering sequence data : A multivariate approach
2023-02-07Defects in Titanium Aluminum Nitride-Based Thin Films
2023-02-07Articular cartilage proteoglycan biosynthesis and sulfation
2023-02-07On neural transplantation in a rat model of Huntington’s disease : a graft survival study
2023-02-07COPD management : exploring conditions for, and experiences of, evidence-based care and eHealth
2023-02-07Discerning sense : judgment and olfaction in the middle ages
2023-02-07Microtubule and chromosome dynamics during mitosis in budding yeast
2023-02-07Financial institutions, companies, and the biosphere
2023-02-07Screen Printed Stretchable Electronics

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