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2021-09-18Myocardial infarction - Risk stratification and evaluation of therapies
2021-09-18Complications and treatment aspects of urological stone surgery
2021-09-18Oxygen Metabolism in Experimental Kidney Disease
2021-09-18Forest Dependence in Developing Countries : Analysis of household perceptions, energy, and food security in Tanzania
2021-09-18Subtypes of ischemic stroke : analysis of revascularization therapy, stroke etiology, and the role of blood pressure
2021-09-18Time-Optimal Cooperative Path Tracking for Multi-Robot Systems
2021-09-18Negotiating Tensions : Designers’ responsibilities in democratic entanglements
2021-09-18Soft X-ray Multilayer Mirrors
2021-09-18Science Parks and talent attraction : a study on the development of Science Parks
2021-09-18Filtration of soft particles
2021-09-18Advanced computations and mass-spectrometric techniques to unravel the dynamics and interactions of proteins
2021-09-17Anastomotic defect after Ivor Lewis esophagectomy – early prediction and economic consequences
2021-09-17Single-cell analysis of mammalian cardiogenesis elucidating an essential role of outflow tract progenitors
2021-09-17Disordered eating in a community sample of Swedish adolescent girls
2021-09-17Breaking the Binary : Attitudes towards and cognitive effects of gender-neutral pronouns
2021-09-17Changes in Hydrological Risk Perception and Implications for Disaster Risk Reduction
2021-09-17From in-situ simulation to beyond : improving paediatric trauma care
2021-09-17Sustainable agriculture : From global challenges to local land management
2021-09-17Sustained and triggered release by microencapsulation
2021-09-17Steering control for haptic feedback and active safety functions

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