Educative Moments. : Rethorics and Realities

Abstract: The concepts learning processes, gestalting and digital technology are closely associated with most people’s personal experiences in life and thus constitute significant ideas about their hopes, dreams and life content. The concepts are context-dependent and ought therefore to be studied from several interdisciplinary perspectives. To this end and to limit the scope of my thesis, I have chosen to study them from two vantage points – from the perspective of the Blekinge region of Sweden and from a third-world perspective. The reason I have chosen these two angles is that studying these concepts on the local level provides the necessary closeness, while considering them in a third-world perspective provides the necessary distance. In order to illustrate the complexity of the concepts, I have chosen to study both the rhetorical level – the narratives, the dreams and the hopes – and people’s actual experiences, i.e. the realities, hence the dialectical title of the thesis. “The educative moment” is the rare moment when rhetorics and realities coincide. When traditions and changes together cause renewal on an individual or collective level, the conditions are created for human beings to be able to see themselves and their relations in a new light.