All-Fiber System for Photonic States Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum : A Platform for Classical and Quantum Information Processing

Abstract: The protection of confidential data is a fundamental need in the society in which we live. This task becomes more relevant when observing that every day, data traffic increases exponentially, as well as the number of attacks on the telecommunication infra-structure. From the natural sciences, it has been strongly argued that quantum communication has great potential to solve this problem, to such an extent that various governmental and industrial entities believe the protection provided by quantum communications will be an important layer in the field of information security in the next decades. However, integrating quantum technologies both in current optical networks and in industrial systems is not a trivial task, taking into account that a large part of current quantum optical systems are based on bulk optical devices, which could become an important limitation. Throughout this thesis we present an all-in-fiber optical platform that allows a wide range of tasks that aim to take a step forward in terms of generation and detection of photonic states. Among the main features, the generation and detection of photonic quantum states carrying orbital angular momentum stand out.   The platform can also be configured for the generation of random numbers from quantum mechanical measurements, a central aspect in future information tasks.  Our scheme is based on the use of new space-division-multiplexing (SDM) technologies such as few-mode-fibers and photonic lanterns. Furthermore, our platform can also be scaled to high dimensions, it operates in 1550 nm (telecommunications band) and all the components used for its implementation are commercially available. The results presented in this thesis can be a solid alternative to guarantee the compatibility of new SDM technologies in emerging experiments on optical networks and open up new possibilities for quantum communication. 

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