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  1. 1. Essays on Efficiency Measurement and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Author : Constantin Belu; Göteborgs universitet; Göteborgs universitet; Gothenburg University; []
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Corporate Social Responsibility; Sustainable Development; Data Envelopment Analysis; DEA; Strategic CSR; System-GMM; Information Technology; Technical Efficiency; Stochastic Frontier Analysis; SFA; Panel Data; Technical Efficiency; Vintage; Putty-Clay; Best-Practice;

    Abstract : Paper 1: Ranking corporations based on sustainable and socially responsible practices. A Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach This study ranks publicly listed corporations based on social and environmental (i.e. READ MORE

  2. 2. Essays on energy efficiency, environmental regulation and labor demand in Swedish industry

    Author : Golnaz Amjadi; Lars Persson; Tommy Lundgren; Luis Orea; Umeå universitet; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Energy efficiency improvement; rebound effect; stochastic frontier analysis; data envelopment analysis; stochastic energy demand frontier model; persistent and transient energy inefficiency; energy inefficiency; environmental expenditure and environmental investment costs; output demand elasticity; Economics; nationalekonomi;

    Abstract : Paper [I] Energy efficiency improvement (EEI) benefits the climate and matters for energy security. The potential emission and energy savings due to EEI may however not fully materialize due to the rebound effect. READ MORE

  3. 3. Measuring Efficiency in the Swedish Health Care Sector – Levels, Trade-offs and Determinants

    Author : Nils Janlöv; Nationalekonomiska institutionen; []
    Keywords : SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Quality; Efficiency measurement; Data Envelopment Analysis DEA ; Stochastic Frontier Analysis SFA ; Health Care; Health districts; Elderly Care;

    Abstract : This thesis measures cost efficiency in the production of health care and social services in Sweden. The object of analysis is not provider efficiency, but instead the relative efficiency of political organizations or different contractual arrangements. READ MORE

  4. 4. Essays on Efficiency, Productivity, and Impact of Policy

    Author : Pontus Mattsson; Jonas Månsson; Lars Behrenz; Almas Heshmati; Linnéuniversitetet; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; conditional difference-in-differences cDiD ; courts; data envelopment analysis DEA ; Malmquist index; horizontal mergers; impacts of policy; stochastic frontier analysis SFA ; subsidized employment; total factor productivity TFP ; Törnqvist TFP index; Economics; Nationalekonomi;

    Abstract : This thesis consists of five self-contained empirical essays centering on total factor productivity (TFP), efficiency, and impacts of policy.Essay I: “TFP Change and Its Components for Swedish Manufacturing Firms During the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis” (co-authored with Jonas Månsson and William H. Greene). READ MORE

  5. 5. Essays on University Efficiency Analysis and Entrepreneurship among University Graduates

    Author : Zara Daghbashyan; Björn Hårsman; Peter McGregor; KTH; []
    Keywords : SOCIAL SCIENCES; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SAMHÄLLSVETENSKAP; SOCIAL SCIENCES; universities; efficiency; entrepreneurship; education; graduates; arts education;

    Abstract : The thesis consists of five papers: three deal with the efficiency of higher education institutions (HEI) and two with entrepreneurship among university graduates. The efficiency of HEIs is analyzed at three different levels: units of one university, universities of one country and universities of a group of European countries. READ MORE