Power ideals, Fröberg conjecture and Waring problems

University dissertation from Stockholm University

Abstract: This thesis is divided into two chapters. First, we want to study particularclasses of power ideals, with particular attention to their relation with the Fröberg conjecture on the Hilbert series of generic ideals. In the second part,we study a generalization (introduced by Fröberg, Ottaviani, and Shapiro in 2012)of the classical Waring problem for polynomials about writing homogeneouspolynomials as sums of powers. We see also how the theories of fat points andsecant varieties of Veronese varieties play a crucial role in the relation betweenthose chapters and in providing tools to nd an answer to our questions.The main results are the computation of the Hilbert series of particularclasses of power ideals, which in particular give us a proof of the Fröberg conjecturefor generic ideals generated by eight homogeneous polynomials of thesame degree in four variables, and the solution of the generalized Waring problemin the case of sums of squares in three and four variables. We also beginthe study of the generalized Waring problem for monomials.