The Maximum Principle for Cauchy-Riemann Functions and Hypocomplexity

University dissertation from Sundsvall : Mittuniversitetet

Abstract: This licentiate thesis contains results on the maximum principle forCauchy–Riemann functions (CR functions) on weakly 1-concave CRmanifolds and hypocomplexity of locally integrable structures. Themaximum principle does not hold true in general for smooth CR functions,and basic counterexamples can be constructed in the presenceof strictly pseudoconvex points. We prove a maximum principle forcontinuous CR functions on smooth weakly 1-concave CR submanifolds.Because weak 1-concavity is also necessary for the maximumprinciple, a consequence is that a smooth generic CR submanifold ofCn obeys the maximum principle for continuous CR functions if andonly if it is weakly 1-concave. The proof is then generalized to embeddedweakly p-concave CR submanifolds of p-complete complexmanifolds. The second part concerns hypocomplexity and hypoanalyticstructures. We give a generalization of a known result regardingautomatic smoothness of solutions to the homogeneous problemfor the tangential CR vector fields given local holomorphic extension.This generalization ensures that a given locally integrable structureis hypocomplex at the origin if and only if it does not allow solutionsnear the origin which cannot be represented by a smooth function nearthe origin.

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